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University Life v Home Life

Smrithi Kumar Student Life

Being an international student in England is a whole new experience. Everything is suddenly so different. So here are a few comparisons:

Life at home is a lot different than at university because HOME = PAMPERLAND. One main thing you learn when you arrive at university and start living on your own is independence and how to be an adult. At home mother’s savoury food always comes to the rescue of your growling stomach. But university is the time to put your culinary skills to test and cook up something edible.

 Food Cooking Collage 750

At home sleeping late into the afternoon is alright. While at university you need to wake up nice and early so that you can make your bed, make and have breakfast, shower and reach class on time.

Thus university does teach you much more than your degree. It teaches you what adult life is. It teaches you time management, being independent and how to be responsible.

Another major difference is the climate and temperature difference. The country I belong to, India, has an average temperature of 14 degrees even during winters. So walking out of Newcastle Airport and experiencing cold winds at a temperature of 2 and 3 degrees is a big change. All the more dipping mercury levels and a warm bed are the perfect potion for zero productivity. The university library is a blessing during these times when the bed is too tempting and I want to snuggle up instead of do assignments.

India V Newcastle 750

At first I was afraid of moving to such a cold city but over time I have grown to love the winter vibes and the cosy jumpers and cute Uggs. Dressing up in smart looking winter clothes is my new favourite pastime.

Summer V Winter Wardrobe 750

Another key aspect of moving to England is the culture. England is a country rich in cultural heritage, just like India. All those places you see on your monopoly board are just a short day trip away in London, all those British stereotypes you have only heard of are all around you. Trips to nearby cities, visiting their ancient libraries, being awestruck by the magnificent architecture, exploring British culture, experiencing Britain’s love for queues and tasting British tea has been an important part of my life in Newcastle. The whole point of studying in a different country is the exposure you get here. So it’s best to put yourself out there and backpack around.

NCL - London Collage 750

Being a Harry Potter fanatic, I have spent  most of my first term at university visiting castles and cathedrals in Britain which featured in the films as Hogwarts or  have a similar atmosphere.

Harry Potter 750

Overall moving to Newcastle has shown me the world in a different perspective, it has help me grow as a person and taught me how to adapt to a different culture and rules.

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