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University Lookbook

Amanda Cheng Student Life

A collection of looks for university, social and interviews.

Hello! I’ve made a video showcasing what I usually wear when I go to certain places. The video is based on my own personal style and preference so feel free to create your own interpretation of them!

The first two outfits are what I’ll usually wear when I hang out with friends. I’m a ‘comfort over style’ type of girl but it is always a win-win when the outfit is both put together as well as comfortable! I usually opt for an oversized jacket or a fluffy coat because honestly, it makes you look like you’ve tried and it keeps you warm from the mean Geordie weather. If you’re going out at night and don’t want to be defeated by the cold, wear a cute coat that isn’t too heavy. You’ll look good, the coat won’t be too much of a hassle and you won’t freeze to death! But usually, my ideal outfit to hang out in are a pair of jeans, a nice top and one of my many ‘too big for Amanda’ jackets.

What I wear to university is very simple. MOM JEANS GUYS, MOM JEANS. Occasionally I’ll wear something different like a skirt or dress but I usually reach for the mom jeans first. They are a staple in my wardrobe! I’ll pair them with an oversized T-shirt or a cute little jumper. By the way, if you pair them with a T shirt dress, when you get home you don’t just have to take off your pants and you’ll be in a comfy at home outfit straightaway! That’s what I do. You’re going to spend the whole day in uni (most of the time) so you better be comfy! But yeah, mom jeans and an oversized top, paired with a belt are a match made in heaven.

Last two are interview outfits. I’ve never believed in a dull, formal attire so I usually switch it up a bit with a different style of top (still presentable, of course) or a pop of colour. Who says you can’t have fun with dressing a little formal huh? I usually go for different instead of the usual black, white or grey. I chose a pair of blush pants because I thought it was cute and doesn't downplay the formalness. The pink coat I put on is one of my favourite items as well. It just has so much personality and it brighten any outfit you put on!

If you like being thrifty with clothes, then Newcastle is the place for you! There are tons of vintage and kilo sales all year round and they usually have pretty good stuff for an amazing price! There are also a few charity and vintage shops in town. If that isn’t your thing, head to town and there a plenty of apparel stores all around you and if you’re a shopaholic like *cough* me *cough* then you’ll love walking around Newcastle City Centre.

Anyways, I hope you like this and that you enjoyed the video! Remember that style isn't just one thing and each and every one of you have individual uniqueness!

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