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What to expect from an 'NU Experience Day'

Hollie Scorer Study

What to expect: Why did I attend an NU Experience Day?


NU Experience/Offer Holder Days: An opportunity you as a prospective student are oh-so likely to be graced with. Here's a snappy summary of what went on in my Journalism NU Experience Day and what I made of it all.


Which course did you apply for?

Journalism (BA hons)


What were you looking to gain from the NU Experience Day?

I'd made my mind up long ago about the root I wanted to take and there was no question that it was going to be media related. However: Many questions haunted me. Quite frankly I needed to know what I was letting myself in for, was I going to enjoy the course content? Was it going to aid me in climbing the career ladder? Was I going to be able to complete what was expected of me with poise and self-assurance throughout (probably not but I'm only human). In short, I needed insight, reassurance and clarity on my chosen field and whether it was truly right for me.


What were the tutors you met like?

They were witty, articulate and a definite selling point of Northumbria. I'll never forget the opening words of the day 'Just to make you aware, Journalism is a lifestyle not a career' A harsh yet entirely true notion that I’ve carried with me throughout my time at Northumbria. However, if you're passionate enough about your chosen venture, then it's not going to feel like a chore. As a journalist, I learned you must remain switched on and alert to everything going on around you, which is exactly what my tutor explained on day one. They know their stuff, and they're going to help you every step of the way.



What information did they give you?

After a brief introductory period we went through a presentation that covered all manner of things from course content, to the expectations of you as a student, to what the tutors will provide for you. It was encouraging to be surrounded by people that shared an interest in my chosen subject and I immediately had a good feeling about the course.

 The presentation methodically walked us through the basics i.e. who to go to for help or if you have any technical faults, which services are available including student support and SASC. Then moved on to a breakdown of the course modules, how many credits each was worth and what you will be asked to do for assignments. We we're also clued-in about extra-curricular activities like various societies’ available and university trips to venues like North Sheilds magistrates court for the Media and Law module-all exciting prospects for a new student like myself at the time. Opportunities for work placements were also mentioned and upon hearing that former students of the course had worked for Elle, Sky Sports and ITV, I couldn’t wait to reach my third year and be a part of it. This also gave the impression that career prospects we're certainly going to be heightened by attending the course at Northumbria, something which was imperative to me.

The day was well scheduled, and the introduction to Journalism presentation was only a small aspect of the day. The rest of the day entailed a campus tour-essential really, especially if you're navigational skills are lacking like my own. We were shown the majority of facilities including Cafe Central, the library and the SU.

After a pleasant lunch break at cafe central, the student accommodation tour was underway, making choosing my home for the next year simple and hassle free. (The glistening blue palace that is Victoria Halls is 10/10).


Did it give you valuable insight into your chosen subject?

Yes. I was unaware that so many facilities and types of equipment we're available for students on the Journalism course. ‘Siso’ is the universities 'supermarket' for technology, and there you can hire any form of media equipment whether it's a tripod, video camera or a tascam making practical projects easy and exciting. It really reflects just how serious the university are about their media department and providing you with the best and most enriched university experience. I also had no idea that the course content would be so engaging and diverse. The modules that called out to me most were 'Writing for Publication', 'Fashion Journalism' and 'Global Media', as they seemed tailored to my personal strengths and abilities as well as coming across as intellectually provoking.


Were your expectations of the day met?

Yes. I gained a vast amount of insight into my course and the university itself. I knew after attending that there was nowhere else in the UK that I’d rather attend for university. It really was as if the course was designed for me personally.



Did it entice you to choose that university?

Most definitely, I was particularly drawn in by the variation in modules from broadcast journalism to Media Law to Writing for publication and the practical side to the course. I knew I was in for a highly interesting and engaging three years, as well as some inevitable seriously hard work. Northumbria stood out as it offered a broad spectrum of journalism, the course wasn't confined to writing articles day in and day out which appealed to me immediately. The university has its own news room and radio studio, both of which are there for you to use whenever you need, and the content you're able to produce is professional and high quality. I knew that this was the right choice to make and walked away with all the answers I so urgently needed. 

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