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Planning My Assignments

Zigwai Akut Study


The basis of most things in life is to plan, so this normally means that when I’m given an assignment, whether an essay or portfolio, the first thing I do is ask myself what this particular assignment wants me to demonstrate or to achieve. If this was an essay question, I re-read the question numerous times to relax and consider the question. You may find it helpful to rewrite the question in your own words. Next step is to check the assessment criteria; this is helpful as it can show you the difference between work with little analysis and a great demonstration of understanding. When all of that is complete, write a draft structure for your assignment, with key headings and a bullet point list of all key points that you want to include in.


The key to a successful assignment is one that is thoroughly researched. Depending on the assignment, I research the general topic to get a better understanding. After that, I try to formulate a collection of scholarly sources to read from, I also like to browse YouTube as well for any helpful and related content. I also like to make use of the library, it’s a nice quiet space to focus and get some work done and of course there’s plenty more material available to help aid me, there’s also something about being in the presence of others working hard on their tasks.


It’s natural to get a little stressed when writing an assignment but I find it helpful to speak to others and find out how they’re getting on with the task ahead, it gives you a little piece of mind and you can help share ideas with each other. One of the best solutions is to relax and take a break every now and then from your assignment. I like to keep a clear head by moving around, going outside for some fresh air is an amazing remedy when you’ve spent all day indoors working on an assignment; personally there’s only so much time I can spend doing an assignment before my brain starts to go in a daze. 

I also like to eliminate any sources of distraction like my mobile phone or Netflix, this allows to me to dedicate my full attention towards the assignment- I do like listening to music for some reason this helps me relax and concentrate better, and it’s fun.

And sometimes I even burn a Yankee Candle because who wouldn’t feel relaxed to their room smelling like a tropical beach.


Once I have completed my assignment and it feels like I’ve reread it numerous times, I like to get a second opinion and ask someone else to double-check my work and give me constructive criticism- for any mistakes or areas for improvement. Assignments can vary on ways of submission, if it’s to be submitted through the ELP learning portal I make sure to note the deadline date and time. If the assignment is to be handed in or presented, I like to make sure I’m well prepared with a polished assignment.



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