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Cake and break by the sea

Smrithi Kumar Student Life

It was bright Sunday morning and with fast approaching deadlines and the inability to stay in my room and work when the weather outside was so nice lead me to a spontaneous plan. Let’s go to the beach!

Two of my co-hubstars Amanda and Zigwai who woke up in the same state of mind decided to accompany me on this sudden outing. One minute we were on our phones talking about how nice the weather is, the next minute we were in the metro station buying a ticket to Tynemouth.

As we stepped onto the platform after a journey of about thirty minutes, we were welcomed by the smell of delicious food from food stalls. A pop up Sunday flea market was up and running! We spent about an hour and a half weaving in and out of the stalls and the crowd. We were awestruck by the variety of things that were up for sale. To be honest Tynemouth market has a collection of the weirdest things and a whole load of things you don't need. But for the connoisseurs of tiny bits of happiness or collectibles it is a haven.

Amanda bought herself the most hilarious toy ever, A POTATO GUN, while I bought myself a delicious little strawberry cupcake that looked gorgeous and has taken a centre stage in most of the pictures I clicked thereafter.

Once we had gawked and gasped at all the different kinds of things at the market - from doorknobs to antique telephones, from whiskey bottles to thrift shops, candles and incense sticks, we decided to head to the beach.

The sun had literally drawn the population of Newcastle to Tynemouth. The streets were packed with people sunbathing and enjoying a Sunday brunch while the queues to every fish n’ chip take out were never ending.

We spent an hour or so at the beach, chatting, clicking pictures and playing by the water and then headed off to treat our tummies to the famed Fish n’ Chips , in my case just chips. (because I am vegetarian)

After a well deserved break by the sea we caught the metro back to university and were ready to work on our assignments with a fresh mind.

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