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Travelling from Newcastle on a Student Budget

Anne Rassbach Out and about

Summer is coming - and that means holiday season! You might not realise, but Newcastle Airport has a great variety of travel destinations to offer.

You're skint? No money in the bank? Empty pockets?

Don't worry! I've scoured the web to find the best direct return flights to suit a student budget this summer, and found some cheap deals for even the poorest of us!

From Newcastle you can get direct flights to many exotic places, even Dubai! Ok, so £500 for a return ticket might be a tiny bit out of our price range, but how does £40 for a return flight sound? Say hello to our beloved neighbours and get a plane to Dublin in only 1 hour and 10 minutes! If you are more interested in getting out of the rainy weather and soaking up some sun, you can fly in 3 hours and 10 minutes to Faro, Portugal for just £66, or if you still want to be on an island, choose Palma, (2hrs 45 min, £59).

Have you ever been to Amsterdam (1hr 25min, £83) or Berlin (2hrs 10min, £74)? In 2hrs 15min you could find yourself stepping off a plane in Prague (£108) or, if you want to go a bit further East, in Wroclaw, Poland, for £57.

If you've managed to save up some money and want to travel a bit further away, you can also find some reasonably priced flights to Burgas, Bulgaria (3hrs 30min, £173). Fancy something a bit further North? Then a trip to Stavanger in Norway could be the one for you (1hr 20min, £182).

There are many more options for cheap flights. Sometimes you have to dig a bit and it is definitely worth comparing prices for several days and from different airlines.

Here are two more of my biggest travel hints:

  • Book your tickets early
  • Try to pack light and stick to hand luggage only, extra cabin baggage can be quite pricey, especially on budget airlines

A good starting point for making travel plans is the website Skyscanner, or you can just check out the website of the airport. Newcastle Airport's website has a handy map showcasing all of the destinations you can fly to from Newcastle.

If you hadn't been bitten by the travel bug before, I hope you have been now!

Don't wait too long! Find your destination, pack your bag and go!

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