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Our Experience as Postgrad Digital Content Creators

Student Life


We've worked together for nearly a year now whilst doing our Masters - now we've mainly gone our separate ways *cries*, we had a little trip to Meet & Treat (best Malaysian-style scran and tea!) and played mini golf at Lane 7 (I beasted everyone, just saying) to say bye! If you're interested in the super fun and flexible role, check out these little anecdotes from my fellow PG DCCs as we reflect on our time creating content for The Hub.

Anne - I've enjoyed the work for the postgraduate marketing team a lot. It was very diverse and never boring. The range of jobs covered everything from article writing, social media, photographing and filming to video editing, animating and helping out at marketing events. I met many new people during my work and the tasks were mostly free for me to choose and fit around my studies. It was the perfect job besides my Masters studies as it did not take up too much time and everyone knew how demanding a postgraduate course can be sometimes. The working atmosphere was also very welcoming and relaxed so I can definitely recommend this position!

Joe - Working as a Digital Content Creator has enabled me to develop my design and copywriting skills while helping to pay my way through my studies. Working in tandem with Northumbria's marketing department meant that there was unwavering support throughout the post's tenure, and there's a level of creative freedom regarding the content we produce, providing license to explore new communication tools, channels and techniques. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a Digital Content Creator, and would recommend the post to anyone looking to get a little extra out of their postgraduate experience.

Vicky - My time working as a DCC was fantastic, I worked with an amazing team and we all pulled together to make some great content. I really enjoyed the experience and gained good knowledge in digital media. I hope to take the skills I learned into my future work and feel that they will definitely help me. All in all, I had a great time and I'm glad I was given the opportunity by Northumbria.

Callum - My time as a DCC has been an incredible part of my Masters experience for many reasons. I have met people that I wouldn't have without the role. I have worked on diverse content and it has allowed me to further my work experience whilst studying at Northumbria. The DCC role has provided me with an incredible amount of opportunity, most notably, working for the university now on a full-time basis and, in turn, making Newcastle my home. If you want to earn a bit of money, add incredible experience on top of your studies and meet and work with fantastic colleagues and friends, then apply. Coming to Northumbria University has been a brave decision for me leaving a professional job after undergraduate, however it has been the best decision I've ever made and the experiences and opportunities I've had from being a DCC play a huge part in confirming that.

Mickyle - Being part of the Digital Content Creator Postgraduate team has been a life learning and wonderful experience. Being part of a professional organisation such as Northumbria and being able to see the work behind the curtain created a passion and love of the effort and care which every member of staff shows for the progress of the university experience towards the students' everyday lives. Secondly, it was a joy working alongside several wonderful, like-minded individuals from different social and cultural backgrounds. Given the opportunity to share each others experiences has been an absolute pleasure, and I would recommend anyone take part in the journey for a better experience and a better Northumbria.

And a little note from yours truly, Sarah - I thoroughly enjoyed working as a DCC. Since my Masters is in Research Psychology and therefore scientifically based, the role allowed me to keep my creative side open which I am sooo thankful for! I got to work with similar creative minds and gained many new skills which I would not have come across otherwise - including making videos with Adobe Premier Pro. The role was as flexible as you wanted it to be and the team 100% supported any prior commitments to our studies. I also made some brill new friends!

If you're interested in becoming a Postgraduate Digital Content Creator, click here for the full job spec and for more information on how to apply.

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