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Packing tips for those going home at Christmas

Anele Sachparonian Student Life

As I stand here gazing out of the window... packing up to go home to Lithuania for Christmas I thought about the things I needed. All you can find on google is travel tips: 7 easy packing tips, 15 smart travel tips and etc. But what now? For me at least, it is more important to pack for going home.

The first thing to remember is that you are going home, so it’s not a hotel or Airbnb. You’re going home so chances are you probably have a lot of stuff left already there. So what are my suggestions?

  1. First and foremost, don’t leave everything for last moment. It is easy to fall into an illusion that you will have everything at home. Start a list a couple days before and every time you think about something you definitely need just write it down.
  2.  If you have a connected flight or maybe a long trip that you have to entirely change your transport (like me, I am going Newcastle – Warsaw by plane and then Warsaw- Vilnius by bus) then I would suggest taking backpack instead of a suitcase, your backpack can be as big as you want (mine is really big, but has never been measured or weighed) and it’s easier to carry around!
  3.  Think ahead that you are probably going to a different climate. Put things aside that you will wear on your trip, and pack things that appropriate for that climate. Or maybe, like me, you are going to a similar climate, so all the warm clothes have to come with you, because chances are that you took everything from home. Roll everything, it takes less space.
  4.  Don’t overdo it. Two pairs of shoes are more than enough: one comfortable pair and one for going out. You don’t need 10 pairs of heels and 10 trainers. Relax. You can put socks in the shoes for efficiency.
  5.  Maybe better to pack more sweaters, but again, leave your toiletries. Toothbrush costs max 3 pounds, and everything else you will find at your family house.
  6. Don’t forget to take something special from Newcastle, maybe a homemade souvenir or jewellery from Christmas markets.  It doesn’t cost much, but your friends and family will appreciate it.

Have a great Christmas break all!




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