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NU Experience Day What Not To Miss

Vee Venski Campus Life

Talk to finance team

I am a student and I know all the pain you need to come through when it comes to student’s finance and the payment of tuition fees. There is so much information out there that it can be easily overwhelming. That’s why you should make sure you talk to professionals and get their best advice regarding your studies. From my experience this talk was very useful and has made my application process so much easier. Also, when I was applying for my course the finance team made me aware of all possible grants which could potentially save me tons of money throughout my studies. I just cannot describe how useful this talk was, don’t be shy and ask as many questions as you like.

Take tours

NU experience day is a great opportunity for you to attend campus and accommodation tours. You can see with your own eyes where you’ll be spending next 3-4 years of your life.

I would highly recommend to visit ‘Bloomberg Trading Room’ in the business school. This is a true heaven for all business and finance students. If you’re not planning to take business or finance related courses you still can benefit from two screens which significantly improves your productivity for writing essays or just doing your research.

My 2nd favourite place in Northumbria is our new library. Take library tour to see all the beauty. The reason I’ve chosen the library is because it doesn’t look like a traditional library in other universities. It feels like home, thanks to new modern furniture, creative lamps and hubs. Oh right, I forgot to mention that it is a glass box building which means you’ll get a lot of sunlight! It is very cosy over here even in the evening. The library is open 24/7.

Talk to your lecturers or course leaders

Not sure which course to take? Talk to your lecturers to get precise route map of your studies and description of your modules. It is very hard to get an idea of what you’ll be studying if you haven’t spoken to them. They will explain everything in plain English and without using industry jargon so don’t forget to ask questions that worry you. The bottom line is they are the ones who will be teaching you so pay attention to what they have to say!

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