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Tour of Newcastle | Quayside

Amanda Cheng Out and about

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Newcastle is a beautiful city all around and one of its gems is the Quayside. This part means quite a lot to me because it was one of the first few places I went with my first friend I made in Newcastle (who then became one of my best friends).

With the view of the Tyne River and all the beautiful bridges, it is such a great place to chill and relax. There’s is also an art gallery across the Millennium Bridge where if you go up to the 5th floor, you get a magnificent view. Every Sunday, you can come round the area and explore the Quayside Sunday Market! I decided to go specially on a Sunday just to show you guys around! You’ll find stalls from fresh goods all the way to vintage vinyls.

Make sure you guys come down by the Quayside and check it out! Come around at night too and chill with some friends and see the Millennium Bridge light up. The cool breeze and be refreshing too.

I personally love it here. You feel like you’re in a different place when you’re by the Quayside. Make sure to check out the Sunday Market too while you’re at it and try to find some gems!

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