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My First Trip to St James Park!

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Hi, My name is Levi, and I'm here in Newcastle studying Pre-sessional English & Study Skills Summer School at Northumbria University. I was lucky enough to be offered a free ticket to St. James Park as part of my trip and wanted to share my experience!

It’s a rainy day but nothing can stop NUFC’s fans.

The facilities in St James’ Park is a little bit old but its structure is well-designed. I really like the huge glass curtain wall. But honestly, I think it’s time for them to update the screen because the resolution is quite low for modern days.

The gentleman who sat next to me is a furious football fan. Although he was very quiet before the game, he just put himself into this game after the kick-off. And I like it. As far as I’m concerned, Big fans are an important element of football games. When NUFC organised an effective attack, he shouted “that’s it, good job” with claps. When NUFC’s player took control of the ball from Arsenal, he shouted “good lad!”.

In the first half, NUFC played very aggressively.

On the contrary, Arsenal played cautiously. There were several chances for NU FC but they missed all of them. Obviously, Arsenal is a strong team as their defence is well-organised even under great pressure.

However, in the second half, Arsenal became more active. They seized the rare home defensive mistake and goal. Arsenal’s fans became crazy. I could feel the whole stadium was shaking while NUFC’s fans kept silent. It was a heart-breaking moment. In the next 10 minutes, St James’ Park was dominated by the yelling of Arsenal’s fans. NUFC’s players did their best, trying to find a chance to make it draw. However, Arsenal just controlled the ball and wasted valuable time. Then it was the end of this game.

Thanks for the free ticket from our university. Probably, I would buy a ticket and watch another game of NUFC. I really want to see them win and all the fans, even the whole city, celebrate. I like this city so very much - thank you for a great experience!

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