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Hi guys! I’m Laura, a 21-year-old English Literature graduate who is completely terrified of being released into the ‘adult’ world. I originate from Blackburn (about an hour north of Manchester, for the majority of you who don’t know where it is) but now live in Newcastle full time, woohoo! I love reading (but not as much recently… my brain still hasn’t quite disassociated reading with work), watching films and of course binge watching the two greatest shows ever produced; Friends and Game of Thrones.

I am the biggest nerd going. I love Disney, history documentaries (I blame my boyfriend for that), conspiracy theory documentaries (also his fault) and literature such as Austin and Bronte (the hopeless romantic in me). I have pretty much exhausted Netflix and Sky’s documentary collections and know every single word to Peter Pan… Sorry, not sorry.

I write a blog to keep myself sane on my days off from work, oh and also to hopefully engage and help you guys with your journey through university. I love being creative and at the moment my writing is my creative output. I also spend a lot of time eating and not a lot of time exercising… oops. Oh well, my friend growing up used to say, "as long as I can see my toes when I look down, I’m good" so it's all fine.

I love travelling and have visited some amazing places such as Iceland, Mexico, Barcelona and Paris. My aim in life is to have a job that allows me to travel and learn about new cultures. I’ve always believed there are two types of education a person should get: the education you receive from a classroom and that received from travelling and engaging with other cultures.

I loved my experience at Northumbria University as the lecturers were so easy to talk to and really knowledgeable, but I also found love and friends for life. Ok that sounded so mushy… I’m sorry but its true. I grew as both an academic and as a person and I wish I could do the last three years all over again.

If you would like to learn from my experiences at Northumbria or my time as a graduate check out The Hub and my own personal blog Hope you guys enjoy your time at Northumbria as much as I did. See you around.

Laura x

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