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Author -Bio _Louisa _In Page 350I am...

Louisa Ruster
21 years old
from Frankfurt, Germany
a Marketing Management Student

I like...

playing tennis
going out with friends
English Breakfast Tea – English people are truly right when they say “A cup of tea makes everything better.”

I study at Northumbria University because...

it was the only Partner University of my Uni back home which allowed me to achieve a dual degree by completing the final year here at Northumbria, that is an Honour’s Degree in Marketing Management in addition to my Bachelor degree in Media Management in Germany. Besides, former students have told me about the fantastic campus life here at Northumbria and about Newcastle being voted No1 City in the UK in terms of Student Life for a reason, obviously, which made my decision even easier.

What I like most about Northumbria University is...

that everyone is so supportive! Be it the Student’s Well-being center or the Student’s Union, you’ll always find someone who takes care of whatever query you have. I also appreciate that you have access to computers and printers at nearly any spot on Campus. Besides, the 24/7 library is a very useful thing, especially when it comes to deadlines of assignments.

I can't survive a day at Uni without...

my iPad – Apple got me… However, I belong to the minority using a digital device during lectures, because most English students still stick to more traditional means such as pen and paper. This is at least what I experienced during the lectures of my module.

I became a Digital Content Creator because...

I have a strong interest in Communications and Marketing not least due to my background of studies. I further relish the opportunity to engage with other students and to get to know the University better. By creating digital content on behalf of Northumbria University I feel like I am not only adding value to the institution but also being able to help potential students to make the right choice. For me it is very rewarding to become creative, thus having the chance to make a change with your own ideas.

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