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Mickyle -in -pageHey! I am your Dark Knight under the moon, during the light, I am Mickyle De Las, studying MSc International Sport Management at Northumbria University.

To say a little something about myself, I am an individual who always seeks a challenge in myself and also in others. I am a strong believer in competition for the greater good and development of oneself. Being open-minded to other people's interests and passions excites me as much as enjoying my own. Knowledge is the key to understanding, understanding is the key to communication and communication is the key to valuation.

Coming from the island of Trinidad and Tobago, on which I was born, I would honestly say the experiences that we live through teach us the most about ourselves. Having also studied in the United States of America for three years, (Florida), has given me an outstanding appreciation of my background and a love of other cultures and personalities.

Arriving in Newcastle has been a challenge which I have accepted with open arms and I would love to share the experience with you all. I believe "living is not worth trying but doing", as many people forget to live on a day to day basis.

I chose to study International Sport Management because I have always been involved with athletes my entire life, and consider myself a natural athlete. Also, I see the value in sports and athletes in terms of business, entertainment and development. Why do we stay active in our lives? We stay active not to one day stop and rest, we stay active to keep on going after we get tired. Athletics is a world-wide business, with various sports and activities for the healthy and disabled. It is an opportunity for success on an international and personal scale. Pushing yourself beyond the boundaries to a place you may never thought you could reach. This is the reason I chose International Sport Management.

To further elaborate on myself, I am a passionate individual, pursuing the enjoyment of life. I enjoy simple days and the occasional drink of whiskey.

Favourite team: Manchester City

Favourite movies: Lord of the Rings (Trilogy), Harry Potter, Inception

Favourite books: Anything fiction

Favourite seasons: Summer and Spring

Favourite sport: Football

Favourite music: Hip-hop, rock, EDM, reggae, reggaeton, soca, dancehall

Favourite foods: Anything I can cook (I am a good cook)

LinkedIn: Mickyle De Las

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