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My name is Mihail Pandrea, I am from Brăila, Romania and I am studying Architecture at Northumbria University for my first year.

I have studied a various range of subjects during my whole education process to this point. Starting with arts, continuing with foreign languages (English & German) and finishing high school on a national college studying mathematics & computer science.

I am one of those who thought life is for you to make choices, first attempting for a place at a university of medicine, being surrounded by multiple factors of influence, but afterwards I have searched deep into my soul and found what passion really is by discovering the world of architecture.

It may sound like a clichee but my mom tells me that when I was as little as my memory can remember, I used to try an build using Legos any house or bridge I saw on the TV screen.

Author Bio Mihail Inpage350I do remember that I my life was a drawing and sketching based one, everything I saw didn't exist for me if I wouldn't sketch it.

Gathering the techniques and developing my skills, I reached a point where I can say that architecture became a daily routine, not a single day passes without me spending some time drawing, reading or watching something that is architecture-related.

Architecture for me is not a job or a thing to study, it is far more than that, it is a feeling, a beating heart, wherever you go, is architecture that gives you a certain feeling about different places, the urban structure and styles make you feel different, you walk the streets of Wien, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Prague or other famous cities being surrounded not by buildings, but by ideas, philosophies and innovations of the times and of those who thought of them, being able to understand the meaning of architecture you can become both, a time traveller and a history maker at the same time.

This is what I want to reach, this and the moment when people will recognise me by my work, that being one of the main reasons why I have chosen to study in Newcastle, considering it the right place to be at the right time for a person to develop properly, especially as an architect.

Getting to describe myself as a character in a mass of people, I am the one wearing brown, green, black, dressing like I am lost in the 50’s, whispering Etta James’s jazz or Luis Prima’s blues, thinking too deep about everything that surrounds me while letting the time pass drinking a coffee in a suburbs pub like my life has no end.

Lastly… I also love football!

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