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Rezada Syahputra

Sup guys! I’m Reza, a final year Interaction Design student. I’m Indonesian born and Newcastle raised, so I know this city way too well! I decided to study at Northumbria and stay in my home city because of the reputation the design school has across the world. Throughout my time at university, I feel the skills I’ve developed on my course have encouraged me to showcase my abilities, which will be transferable for creative and cultural industries.

Outside my course, I’m an avid video and filmmaker, being a part of our student television station, NSU/TV. Whether it’s vlogging, comedy skits or a short film, I love being able to entertain people on screen! I can still remember the first time I used a camcorder when I was still a kid (throwback to 2004), following my family around during holidays and filming them whilst narrating, as if I was David Attenborough.. That’s why becoming a Digital Content Creator is the perfect opportunity to take my talents to the next level!

Three things I’m big on are spicy food, hip-hop and R&B music and a good comedy series. Me and you would probably be able to bond and chat over one of these things. How about a comedy-marathon-with-a-spicy-food-dinner-with-hip-hop-music-playing-in-the-background-session?

Why don’t you stick around and keep up with what I’m up to in and out of university? Stay tuned to The Hub and I’ll show you what life in Newcastle is really like and the knowhow on how to make the most of being a student at Northumbria. Seeya on campus!

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