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Zigwai - Resized (1)“Our imagination flies - we are its shadow on the earth.” - Vladimir Nabokov

Oh hello there!

I’m Zigwai (pronounced as Zig-why) and I’m a first year, currently studying a Law degree at Northumbria, I’ve also finally accepted I’m probably the youngest among my course.

I’m quite zealous when it comes to Law, in seeking justice in more ways than others but it’s also an expressive course with many many diverse answers- I love a good debate (ask my siblings). The amount of opportunities Northumbria Law school offers is mountainous and the staff are super supportive and easy to approach.

I’ve recently moved from Edinburgh, the beautiful capital of Scotland to another absolutely stunning city. I definitely made the right call in moving to Newcastle, I mean despite the obvious that Newcastle is an architectural beauty it’s hard to feel ‘isolated’ in such a lively city.

I’ve taken in account that choosing the right university is like looking for a needle in a haystack, you need to consider a few factors like what your course offers, the location of the university because if you’re moving far from home, the reality is you’re going to spend a few years doing your degree in your chosen new environment. Open days are great tests to get a feel of the city and clarify any questions.

I love trying new things and opening doors to new possibilities, becoming a Digital Content Creator was just a perfect way to express myself and gain new experience as well as diving into the university life.

A few of my interests include;

  • Hitting the snooze button on my Alarm clock
  • Jon Snow
  • I love to travel and on my bucket list is to visit at least 15 countries, I would also love to do some volunteering
  • Reading from literary geniuses of the world
  • Eating ice-cream in the winter

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