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Events 22/23

Democratic Policing in a Digital World

Dr Liam Ralph

Thursday 23rd March, 5pm-6pm

On one hand, it has been claimed that social media platforms enable police services to engage with large audiences with a few clicks of a button. On the other, there is growing evidence that people are turning their back on these platforms. Building on these discussions, this talk provides an assessment of the existing evidence relating to police use of social media using Marenin’s (1998) democratic policing model.  This work was undertaken by Dr Liam Ralph and Dr Paul Robinson

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The experiences, needs of, and support for older women survivors of abuse, and how services respond to them

Dr Emma Finnegan

Wednesday 18th January, 5pm-6pm

Despite some acknowledgment that ‘older’ (60 and over) women can be victims of violence and/or abuse, there is a dearth of empirical research in this area. There is also little known about the challenges services face in recognising and responding to older survivors. Given the negative consequences on victims and the ever-increasing aging population, there is reason to address these gaps. Alongside interviewing older women, I carried out interviews with social workers, and domestic abuse and/or violence (DVA) professionals. The combined findings help shed light on the policing response to DVA against ‘older’ women which is the focus of this presentation. With the aim of promoting a critical understanding and adding to the debates in this area, this is an interactive session that invites you to comment at certain points.

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