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IP and Commercialisation

Northumbria University’s world leading research can give your business the competitive edge you are looking for. The IP and Commercialisation staff in our Business Team support academics connecting with businesses interested in licensing research IP, and also help academics take the first steps towards the commercialisation of exciting research.

Intellectual property (IP)

Ownership: We negotiate (pragmatically) with other research institutions to establish a clear IP position.

Protection: We provide internal IP advice and support, including patenting.

Licensing: We negotiate licence agreements with business partners to continue the development and commercialisation of Northumbria University IP and maximise our research impact.

Commercialising Services

Northumbria University takes a commercial approach to the development of enterprise activity.  We help academic staff develop their market offer particularly where the service is to be delivered by the University.  Click on the links below for services provided to industry by Northumbria University Staff enterprise.


Nzomics Biocatalysis offers products, services and expertise to those companies looking to to use industrial biotechnology to create sustainable, resource efficient and IP-rich chemical processes.

Nzomics Biocatalysis is a supplier of custom-made enzymes using unique sequences harvesting from natural genomic resources which can be further optimised by the latest and most efficient directed evolution techniques.


FoodTrac focus on the interaction of food components upon heating and the formation of colour, flavour compounds and non desirable process contaminants.

We are equipped with a suite of state of the art scientific equipment, and offer bespoke on site and off site training courses in all aspects of food manufacturing, production, packaging and analysis.

Workforce Development

Workforce Development @ NDC are a team of staff from Northumbria University based at the Northern Design Centre, Gateshead. We work collaboratively with partners to understand and effectively meet their workforce development needs.

We engage with key stakeholders in businesses, services or industry to understand their workforce development need and use workforce development theory and relevant multidisciplinary expertise within the University and practice settings to inform the collaborative development of innovative solutions to workforce development challenges.

Commercial Property Consulting

R3 Intelligence is dedicated to supplying high quality impartial commercial real estate research and advice. Our multi disciplinary team offers services and expertise for investors, landlords, businesses and organisations who want to understand how commercial real estate can work more efficiently for them. We are a team of industry specialists and academics based at Northumbria University offering commercial consultancy and contract research.

DNA Sequencing

NU-OMICS offers a comprehensive DNA sequencing service incorporated within the state-of-the-art multi-omics laboratory at Northumbria University. The service is based upon the increasing capacity and broad application portfolio of the Illumina MiSeq benchtop sequencing system.


Training and Internal Support

We also help Northumbria staff develop relationships with industry through regular training and development sessions.

For academics looking for information on invention disclosures, patent, commercialisation or setting up a spinout business, further information can be found here on the University intranet.

For more information contact:

Hugh Rhodes
Enterprise Manager

T: 0191 2437638
M: 07720 076 837


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