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Paying your Tuition Fees

Once you have enrolled onto your course you will need to pay your tuition fees. If you are unsure of how much your fees will cost have a look at our Fees page

Most students will fall into one of the following payment categories:




You can pay your tuition fees in a number of convenient ways including online and via a dedicated payment line. For a full list of payment options click here.

If the University’s Finance department need to get in touch with you, they will contact you via your University email address. Set-up your student email on your mobile so that you will never miss an important message.



If you are an undergraduate and have successfully applied for a Student Loan, your tuition fees will be paid directly to the University by Student Finance. If everything goes smoothly, you will hear no more about it.

However, if you start to receive emails from the University about paying your tuition fees, this is an indication that something isn’t quite right with your Student Finance. Remember to monitor your NU e-mail address and if you receive a reminder contact Ask4Help at Student Central as soon as possible and we will help you to identify the problem and resolve it.



Self-financed Students pay their own tuition fees. Payment terms differ across programmes and reflect the nature and duration of your studies.

The majority of self-financing students are expected to pay their first instalment – usually 50% of your annual fee - on or before enrolment. For a self-funded Home Undergraduate that will be £4625 due immediately, so it is particularly important to have your finances in place before you arrive at University.

The University classify post-graduate students as self-financing even if they receive a loan from Student Finance. This is because Student Finance pay post-graduate tuition fee loans directly to you and not to the University. We offer Home Postgraduate Taught students three instalments, to align to this potential Student Finance funding.

If your course fees are less than or equal to £600 we ask you to pay the full amount immediately at enrolment.

We will send all self-financing students an invoice soon after enrolment. Your invoice will include details of your instalments and payment dates.

If you wish to pay your fees in instalments that differ from those detailed in your invoice, you must seek approval from our Finance department. You can make the request for an alternative payment plan via your Student Portal once you have enrolled. Please contact Ask4Help for further information.



You will be classed as a ‘Sponsored Student’ if your Employer, your Government, or your Institution, commit to paying your fees.  The University will only know that you are a sponsored student if you inform us of this fact, and details must be provided before your studies commence.

We require an official letter from your Sponsor detailing the terms of their sponsorship. The letter must be on headed note paper and must contain the following information:

  1. Your Student number* and full Name
  2. The amount or the percentage of the sponsorship
  3. The Academic Year / Years, the sponsorship applies
  4. Relevant Contact person and their e-mail address in the Company
  5. Purchase Order number must be quoted by your company in order for us to validate the sponsor letter.

If no purchase order is required confirmation via email will be required.

  1. Any other Reference, that the sponsor would like to be quoted by the university when we request for payment
  2. A VAT Registration Number if the company has one, if not, this must be stated in the letter

*Your Student Number is an 8-digit number. If you are studying at Northumbria for the first time in the academic year 2019/20 your student number will begin 19 (eg.19001234). Your student number, preceded by the letter ‘W’ is your computer login ID (eg.W19001234).

Once your sponsor has produced the ‘Sponsor letter’, they can email it directly to  Alternatively, you can forward it to the same address.

In the unfortunate event of a sponsor defaulting on payment, the University will pass the debt on to you and it will be your responsibility to pay the fees. The University’s Finance Department will advise you that the liability has been passed on to you, and we will send an invoice to your University e-mail address.

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