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Tuition Fees and Available Discounts

We understand how important it is for master's programmes to be financially accessible and, so, Northumbria University are excited to announce our suite of generous tuition fee discounts for students who wish to join us at the Amsterdam Campus.

We currently offer Alumni discounts for current students and Alumni of both Northumbria University and the Amsterdam University of Applied sciences. We also offer a discount for our our Northumbria University-led master's programmes and a separate discount for Global Sustainable Business Management MSc, which we offer in partnership with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Please make sure you pay particular attention to the eligibility criteria and the terms and conditions of each of the discounts on offer.

If you’re ready to make a remarkable impact on the world, you’re interested in studying for a Northumbria University qualification in Amsterdam, and you meet all of the eligibility criteria detailed, then what are you waiting for? Apply for September 2022 now and #TakeOnTomorrow.



Information Regarding Student Finance Support:

Northumbria University, Amsterdam is currently classified as a 'foreign University' by the Dienst Uitoering Onderwijs (DUO) for student funding purposes, regardless of the campus' geographical location in the Netherlands. Our programmes are considered post-initial Masters. Only if you have already obtained a Bachelors or Masters degree and you have had at least one month of Dutch Student Finance previously for college or university, then you can use any remaining months of Student Finance for Northumbria's programmes.

Our post-initial Masters are not yet recognised by the Dutch-Flemish accreditation organisation (NVAO) (submission in progress). However, we qualify as a university abroad and you need to indicate this on your application. Eligibility for funding is in accordance with the Wet Studiefinanciering 2000. Further eligibility criteria can be found online here. Students must make their own enquirers. All decisions on funding will be made by DUO and not by Northumbria University.

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