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Anastasija Baravikova

Anastasija2My name is Anastasija, originally I am from Latvia. After high-school graduation I did not have any doubts about where to study. I have not even applied to any Latvian universities, because I was sure that I want to study in England in order to start my career aspiration particularly there.

I applied to NorthumbriaUniversity , because:

  • I was quite happy about the NorthumbriaUniversity (and particularly Newcastle Business school) ranking in the university ranking table.
  • I was satisfied with the course and modules’ description. I found it well-matching with what I exactly wanted to know about business.
  • I was happy about the fact, that University suggests sandwich years with placement and studying abroad (what I happily undertook).
  • NorthumbriaUniversity’s entry requirements are achievable and I knew I could score that.

When I arrived:

  • It was not my first time I came to England, because I use to visit my relatives in London on a regular basis since I was 16 year old. Also I used to work in London in summer time; therefore I had an idea about England in general at that time.
  • After my arrival to Newcastle I had mixed feelings about everything. Basically I could see the real picture in comparison with the thoughts I had based on searching information about Newcastle on the Internet.
  • The city is really nice itself (but the pictures are a little bit exaggerated on the Internet). There is a huge amount of students in the city and a wide range of people from different backgrounds and countries. I could easily see the difference between London and Newcastle in terms of quality of living.


    The university offered a good greeting service. I remember my first day when I entered business school- the member of greeting team was literally holding my hand and showed everything around. Also university provides really useful introduction week. Make sure you don’t miss it.

3 years ago I had a choice between studying in Newcastle or in London. Despite my truly passion about London, I have chosen Newcastle due to several reasons:

  • The life is much cheaper than in London (particularly I mean accommodation costs)
  • There is a significant base of international students
  • The city is not too crowded, not too quiet
  • My relatives used to live here couple of years ago, and their feedback was pretty good
  • Fellow graduates from our high-school were studying at NorthumbriaUniversity at that time


  • The financial aspect of students’ life probably is the most worrying aspect of all.
  • As an European student I did not received any financial help (as bursaries, maintenance loans) from the government. So I was not entitled to do so, because my time spent in England was not long enough to apply.
  • Therefore the only help I received is the help from my parents.
  • Some of my European friends are working part-time, in order to survive. While working you have to sacrifice the quality of your studying, that’s why I decided to put all my power to studying.
  • At the moment I need around 500 pounds per month (yes, it’s possible to survive on this amount of money) 270 goes to rent pay, all the rest- food and other expenses.


  • Through all three years spent in Newcastle I have changed four different accommodations. I was looking for the nice combination of area, price, and neighbours.
  • I have negative attitude towards halls, because these are unfairly expensive and I did not wanted to see the huge amount of students in the place I where live as well.
  • So I decided to rent a house privately. I had to share the house with my Russian-speaking friends. I would say it was a nice and challenging experience, because you see these people from a different perspective.
  • I was successful on finding great and reasonably-priced rooms on a website. The prices of privately rented rooms are different, but I usually used to pay around 200-270 per month.

Overall, I am happy with my course. It combines different aspects of business and teaching techniques.

  • Teaching materials are really up-to date.
  • This university has everything for the good start of the prosperous career, everything depends on a person.
  • There is absolutely different teaching culture than it was in Latvia, so I needed some time to understand and adapt.
  • There is a great opportunity to go on placement between second and third year of study.  It is not really easy to get due to big competition. (imagine how many students are applying for the same position to the popular companies). My advice is to make the application meaningful and match your real skills with the requirements. Some companies are really looking for the smart international students with knowledge of languages.

Usually I do not plan for the future, because life can change any day. At the moment I put all my hard work to successfully finish the university and to apply for the graduate jobs in London.

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