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What Happens Next

1 - You will receive a decision on your application

After we receive your application form, we will assess your suitability for your chosen course of study and inform you of the decision by email or via your educational representative if you have applied through one.

Unconditional Offer

If you receive an unconditional offer letter, this means that you have met all academic, non-academic and English language requirements, for entry to the course offered. Unconditional offer holders can log onto their Applicant Portal .

Conditional Offer

If you receive a conditional offer, this means there are some conditions for you to meet before we are able to confirm your place on the course.

Academic conditions may include,

  • Achieving current qualifications you are working towards;
  • Providing a suitable English language test certificate.

Non-academic conditions may include,

  • Providing personal statements/references;
  • Attending an interview;
  • Obtaining Occupational Health checks;
  • Obtaining police clearance.

These will depend on the course you have applied to and will be stated in your conditional offer letter. You must meet all of the conditions before we can progress your application further.

Along with an offer made we will also send you information on your next steps.

Conditional Offer holders can log onto their Applicant Portal.

Unsuccessful applications

If you are not suitable for the course that you have applied for we will notify you by email and in some instances, may suggest alternative routes of study or recommend further study that may help you.

2 – Keeping up-to-date

Once you have received an offer expect to receive emails from Northumbria, giving you important updates and useful advice.

Throughout this process please ensure:

  • You advise us if you change your personal email address -  we use this to communicate vital information to you.
  • You inform us if you move – we need your current home address for visa purposes and in case of emergency.
  • You quote your Student Reference Number in any correspondence with us. You will find this on your offer letter.

3 – Responding to your Conditional Offer

If unconditional please proceed to step 4.

Read the University’s Terms and Conditions of your Offer.

If you have received a Conditional offer you will need to:

a) Accept your Conditional Offer.

b) Submit your documents confirming you meet the conditions in your offer, including evidence of your English Language ability*.

Once the conditions have been met we will be able to provide you with an Unconditional offer.

*If you have been unable to achieve the grades required, please still submit them as we may be able to offer you an alternative.

4 – Paying your Deposit

International students are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of £5500 in advance of enrolment. The deposit allows students holding an unconditional offer and meeting all other requirements to secure their place and receive a CAS for visa purposes.

You may pay your deposit whether your offer is Unconditional or Conditional.

Pay your £5,500 deposit, or check if you are exempt from paying a deposit.

5 – Read our useful guide

6 – Responding to your Unconditional Offer

Accept your Unconditional Offer, provide supporting information as requested, and request your CAS (if applicable).

If you have not already done so you will be required to submit a copy of the personal details page of your passport, and a copy of any current and previous UK visas (issued for study). 

If you are a UCAS applicant you will also need to ensure you accept your offer with UCAS.

Read the University’s Terms and Conditions of your Offer.

7 – Applying for your CAS and Visa

If you are not applying for a Tier 4 Visa Please go to Step 10.

Ensure you are aware of financial maintenance requirements including evidence needed otherwise your visa may be refused.

Applying from the UK

If you are applying for a student visa in the UK, you must apply via our Student Support and Wellbeing Team, to do this you must first book on to a Visa Workshop. We will also need a copy of your current visa and you should follow the process outlined here. The Student Support and Wellbeing Team will issue you with your CAS.

Once we have issued your CAS you can apply for your entry visa. It may take several weeks for your visa to be processed so please allow sufficient time. Ensure you check current visa processing times.

Applying from your home country

Once we have received all your information we will issue your CAS to your personal email address, which you can use to apply for your entry visa. We cannot guarantee to process CAS requests which are submitted late in the cycle in time for your visa application.

Apply for your Tier 4 (General) Student Visa; offers guidance on applying for your visa as does UKCISA.

Important Information: Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)

You are required to pay IHS as part of your visa application and your visa or immigration application will not be granted if you do not pay it if required to do so. If you do not pay the full amount, you will be required to pay the correct amount within a specified number of days, or your visa or immigration application will also be refused.

It is important that you fully read the immigration surcharge guidance on how to pay. If your visa is refused because you did not pay the correct charge, we will be unable to sponsor you to study in the UK.

8 – Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) Cards

For information on BRP and how to apply for one check

Northumbria has opted to distribute cards at enrolment and we therefore request that all Northumbria students choose the option to have it delivered to the University by entering the ACL code 2HE474

Advantages of using ACL collection-

  • You can collect card at enrolment meaning you do not have to locate a post office in a new city in advance.
  • Cards will be checked by trained staff on receipt and any errors can be rectified in advance.
  • Quicker enrolment process on arrival.

9 - Prepare carefully for Credibility Interviews

10 - Visa Refusals

The visa process is an application, and sometimes applications can be refused so it is important you let us know as soon as possible if this happens so we can advise you on what to do next:

You must send us a copy of your refusal notice as soon as you receive this to

  • If you are refused on credibility grounds, we will be unable to issue you a new CAS unless you are successful in appealing the decision.
  • If you are refused on maintenance requirements we will only issue a new CAS if you are able to provide evidence that you meet the maintenance requirements.

11 - Applying for accommodation

Once you have received an offer from Northumbria, you are eligible to apply for university accommodation and we recommend you apply as early as possible. You will be emailed a computer password which you can use to apply for your accommodation. If you do not receive this, you can request it to be resent here.

Full details of our University residences available and further details on the application procedure are available here. If you have any queries about accommodation please contact

12 - Prepare for your arrival at Northumbria

Read our Pre-Arrival page.

13 - Deferring your Place

We understand that your circumstances may change and you may need to defer your place, you can do so using our Online Deferral Form.

Please note:

  • You can only defer for one academic year (total of 2 semesters)
  • If you have previously deferred your offer you will need to reapply (How To Apply)
  • You will be considered for the next intake available for your programme
  • If you wish to apply for an alternative programme you will also need to reapply

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