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Meet Northumbria's USA Team

Meet Northumbria's USA Recruitment Team

Iain regularly travels to the USA, allowing you to meet him at a number of events throughout the year in person. You can find out more about Iain by reading his profile below and can also get in touch with him by clicking the link in his profile.

Iain has enjoyed living in Newcastle for fourteen years both as a student studying Human Geography, and as an employee at both Newcastle University and Northumbria University.

Iain Harris - Canada , USA

After working in Europe post-graduation he returned to Newcastle to start his career and found a passion for helping inform prospective students of the incredible opportunity Higher Education presents.

Not originally from Newcastle, Iain has fallen in love with the City and surrounding region. He enjoys playing football (soccer) and taking time out to explore the beautiful local coastline, its historic castles, and delicious seaside fish and chips!

Newcastle provides such contrasting pleasures, from partying in one of the UK’s best nights out to walking along Hadrian’s Wall, the World Heritage Site.

His favourite past time is sharing all the City and region has to offer with new visitors who quickly become lifelong fans.  For several years Iain worked with many US students, including Fulbright students, whilst managing a Summer School.  They all keep in touch and have fond memories of the local delicacy, Gregg’s, and cheering on Newcastle United the City's Premiership football team!

Get in touch with Iain

Find out when Iain will be in a city near you by clicking here for details.

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