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Anastasia Philippou

My name is Anastasia Philippou and I am from Cyprus. I am a second-year student at Northumbria University, studying for a Law LLB (Hons) Degree.

What intrigued me the most to choose this university is that, Northumbria is located in the heart of one of the greatest cities for students which is Newcastle. All the facilities are gathered in the centre of the city and there is no need to use means of transportation since you can walk all the distances. It is a cheap city with great nightlife and friendly people. In addition, I chose to attend Northumbria University because it offers a great professional experience and provides students the opportunity to enhance their career prospects. It seems that Northumbria students have high perspectives of employability. Another reason that made me confirm my decision was that I was really fascinated by the brand new modern buildings of Northumbria and the great high-tech facilities provided to all students.

What I like most about my course is that it encourages students to develop core legal skills through some practical modules and the diverse ways of examination.  In addition, Law students seem to be provided with a vast knowledge about recruitment opportunities and thorough grounding in legal principlesthorough grounding in legal principles for those intending to pursue a career in law.  Last but not least, staff execute their job in excellence daily. They transmit their knowledge in the legal field with passion and enthusiasm and they are always willing to give a piece of advice.

As student at Northumbria University, I have met new people from different backgrounds and cultures with diverse personalities. I am convinced that my student experience in UK, has had an impact on the formation and maturity of my personality. Living away from my country and be surrounded by people with various nationalities aided me to enhance my communication skills and become more extrovert and approachable. I learned how to live on my own away from my family and take responsibilities for myself.  This year I decided to add some new activities on my weekly programme, so I joined the University Salsa society and I am attending some CrossFit sessions. These new activities raised my self- esteem and made me feel healthier on the outside and inside also.

Lately I became an International Student Ambassador since I want to raise the awareness about my University by sharing my experience and promoting my university to people from my country.

For any enquiries do not hesitate to contact me through my email address,

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