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Brigita Meiglaite

It is difficult to select one reason why I have chosen Northumbria University. One of the most important criteria for me was the course that I wanted to do. The city of Newcastle and its surrounding areas had a huge impact too, as I wanted to live in a place where I can have a night out, go to the seaside to play volleyball with friends, or just relax in a natural landscape, without having to travel very far.

The course description had a major influence on choosing a university that was right for me. My particular course offered me the possibility to learn topics related to my subject from several different perspectives such as physiological, biological. Furthermore, state-of-the-art equipment in laboratories are available for me to use at any time I choose, such as for dissertation work. It is clear that employers value a practical experience from their graduates, so workshops and tutorials help to build experience, giving graduates higher levels of employability. Furthermore, assignments are designed to give a realistic experience, with tasks that students are going to face after graduation from university being commonplace. Moreover, lecturers and tutors are friendly and employ an open door policy, meaning that you can drop in whenever you need help. They are always ready to help or give advice to students having trouble, be it with the work or any other aspects of university life.

 It was a big step to come to university, especially in other country.  I had to push myself out of my comfort zone, starting a new life from the scratch, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself.

 I am more than happy to speak with students and/or their parents in either Lithuanian or English, making sure that they receive all the information that they need. As an international student, I will be able to share my personal experiences that I had whilst choosing and coming to Northumbria University, as well as during my first year. During webinars and answering phone calls, I can easily describe social life in Newcastle, as well as give advice on how to choose the right accommodation. I would definitely advise any new students join at least one of the societies that I give information on, as it makes it really to make new friends and have a great time at the same time!

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