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Lise Gulli Brokjob

I have always wanted to work with mental health and Northumbria offers a range of optional modules in the psychology course which heavily focus on mental health and illness! I also looked for a university with a diverse "vibe" so the fact that Northumbria offers such a variety of different courses, societies, and student wellbeing services was very important for my decision to study here!


All the lecturers are very enthusiastic and have a lot of personality! The psychology course also offers a variety of different directions/specialisations you can do with the course, which is optimal for me. Even though there are a lot of people on my course, everyone is really helpful and group assignments aren't actually a nightmare anymore!

I managed to start an entirely new life here from scratch. I knew no one when I first came to the country, but after a couple of months, I had made wonderful friends, joined student societies, volunteered, and just found my way around! I am also weirdly proud of completing course-work I never thought I would manage.

I can very much relate to being a "lost new international student" in a daunting (and sometimes scary) situation. I imagine I have gone through a lot of the common challenges new (and especially international) students face and can offer advice, and reassurance. I am also pretty aware of all the different services the universities offer, and overall the different experiences a new student can engage in as a new student. I think the fact that I am a 1st-year student makes me even more able to empathise with new students, as I am still a fairly new student myself.


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