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Moudi Altawil

I chose to attend Northumbria because of its reputation for the course. It is a great university that provides specific modules for the career that I want to pursue. Also, I had friends before that attended the same course, and they have told me how good the quality of the modules is and about the lab practicals that really help you apply the theory in a real work environment.


The three things I like the most about Northumbria and my course is the international environment, exceptional library facilities and the help and care provided by personal tutors.


I became the Rep of my course in both of my educational year and the secretary of the Kuwaiti Society as well as a volunteer in the Students' Union at Northumbria University which gave me the chance to interact with many other students as well as better my written and spoken communication skills.


I consider myself suitable for helping other students, first of all, because I find it easy to empathise with people from different cultures. Secondly, given the fact that I was once a fresher here, I can provide advice on how to adjust to the city and to the university experience, how to study efficiently and how students can manage their time efficiently. 


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