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Natalia Estrada

I’ve always wanted to travel so instead of doing a semester abroad I decided to do my entire university experience abroad. My high school provided me with a booklet of UK universities they recommended and after looking through and comparing the different universities to what I wanted in a university I ended up with Northumbria being my match.

I like the facilities and buildings at Northumbria. They just updated it and it has a nice finish and is very useful. The majority of my course is lecture based but it also has components that let us work on our group work and written coursework. The University is very close to the city centre, everything is within walking distance so you don't have to worry about public transport to get around unless you want to go to the Metrocentre!

I’m proud of all the traveling I have done and the experiences I have had as a result. It’s not something I would have been able to do if I had gone to a University in the US. It is a lot cheaper here so it doesn’t have to be a huge holiday, it can be a week or even a weekend somewhere in Europe and it can all be done on a students budget.

I can help prospective students on a more personal basis if they have any questions. I would like to be more available or even create a channel where prospective international students can get in touch with existing international students to ask questions to at any time. Whether it’s a buddy system or a website I know I would have found it helpful to ask a student whose gone through the process all the questions I had rather than doing a lot of unnecessary research online that ended up making the process a lot more stressful than it had to be. I can also help out with tours because I really like to host and show people are the town that I’ve grown to love and call home. I also know it can be a little scary at first going around town on your own so it would be nice to have a friend to show you around!

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