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Making the decision to Study Abroad

Take time to think carefully about the available exchange options, the individual institutions, and the courses you want to register for during your time abroad. Bear in mind that while institutions abroad may operate in a similar way to those in the UK there will inevitably be distinct differences.

Often a greater degree of independence is expected of students in other countries and you should not expect to receive the kind of personal tutorial guidance provided here at Northumbria. Classes may be large and anonymous with little, if any, contact with teaching staff.

Think about what you hope to achieve during your time abroad and how this relates to your academic and personal development. Identifying priorities before making a decision is a key element in any planning process and will assist you in making the right decision for you. Some ideas to think about:

Would I prefer to be in a large or small town?

Will I be happy being the only Northumbria student at the institution?

Do I enjoy a challenge?

Am I able to adjust to situations outside my comfort zone/normal routine?

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