Global Challenges Research Fund

GetinvolvedThe Global Challenges Research Fund is a £1.5 billion fund, set up by UK Government, to support cutting-edge research that addresses challenges facing developing countries around the world.

As an international centre for academic excellence, innovation, diversity and research, Northumbria University is responding to the challenges facing our world through a network of interdisciplinary research themes, centres and groups representing over 70 academic staff, postdoctoral researchers and research students across all four Faculties.

Northumbria University is committed to delivering ground-breaking interdisciplinary research which is responsive to the needs of society and communities, both nationally and internationally. Our research spans disciplines from civil engineering to international development. We work in partnership with the third sector, NGOs and companies to generate extensive international impact. Over the last 3 years, our academics carrying out research in global challenge related areas have been awarded approximately £5M in research grants and contracts reflecting our growing research reputation in these areas.

You can use the links below to find out more about the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) as well as our research areas and themes, and find out what opportunities are available to work with us.

Our Staff

Health and Life Sciences

Michael Jopling | Publications

Sharon Vincent  | Publications

Monique Lhussier | Publications

Sue Carr | Publications

Matt Kiernan | Publications

Pauline Pearson | Publications

Peter McMeekin | Publications


Business and Law

Guido Noto La Diega | Publications

Iganzio Cabras | Publications

Jacinta Miller | Publications

Jackie Harvey | Publications

Lee McConnel | Publications

Marc Reimann | Publications

Maribel Guerrero | Publications

Michael Fowle | Publications

Mohamed Badar | Publications

Neil Harrison | Publications

Pushkar Jha | Publications

Raymond Arthur | Publications

Roseline Wanjiru | Publications

Sanjay Bhowmick | Publications

Sue Farran | Publications

Tony Ward | Publications


Engineering and Environment

Gobinda Chowdhury | Publications

Julie McLeod | Publications

Perla Innocenti | Publications 

Andrew Collins | Publications

Benjamin Brock | Publications

Bronwen Whitney | Publications

Kathryn Cassidy | Publications

Samantha Jones | Publications

Seraphim Alvanides | Publications

Martin Crapper | Publications

Thuc Vo | Publications

Khamid Mahkamov | Publications

Bob Giddings | Publications

Kyung Wook Seo | Publications

Hoa Le Minh | Publications

Fary Ghassemlooy | Publications

Zhiwei Gao | Publications

Richard Fu | Publications

Guillaume Zoppi | Publications

Jungong Han | Publications

Abhishek Tiwary | Publications

Krishna Busawon | Publications

Ngianga-Bakwin Kandala | Publications

Hubert Shum | Publications



Art, Design and Social Sciences

Daniel Laqua | Publications

Charlotte Alston | Publications

Tony Webster | Publications

Brian Ward | Publications

Matthew Kelly | Publications

Leona Skelton | Publications

Conal Parr | Publications

Tom Lawson | Publications

Tanja Bueltmann | Publications

Brycchan Carey | Publications

Allan Ingram | Publications

Clark Lawlor | Publications

Leigh Wetherall Dickson | Publications

Laura Fish | Publications

Michael Green | Publications

Ewa Dabrowska | Publications

James Street | Publications

Graham Hall | Publications

Wessie Ling 

Joyce Yee

David Wood 

Jo Briggs

Jamie Steane

Justin Marshall

Jayne Wallace

Mark Bailey

Neil Smith

Mersha Aftab

Nick Spencer

Stuart English

Howard Fenwick