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Our research

Our multidisciplinary activities are currently organised around four domains, underpinned by expert capabilities. These domains are: digital health and wellbeing; digital security, trust and privacy; digital social justice and citizenship; and digital across the life-course.

Digital Vitality, Health and Wellbeing – This will explore explore the role of emerging technologies in community, peer-to-peer and individual care and wellbeing. It will also support data-enabled design of individual, social and group interventions to promote positive health and vitality. We work with Integrated Health and Social Care to support digital health initiatives. 

Digital security, privacy and trust for all – Our focus is Human-centered approaches to understanding the threats and risks to personal, individual and community safety, security and privacy posed by emerging technologies, in particular to marginalised populations and individuals on the periphery of society. We explore the role of algorithms and data technology and work across disciplines to understand the interaction between humans, data and technology to provide fair, secure digital environments and societies. We seek to ensure that people can protect themselves and their assets from psychological, financial and social harm. 

Digital connections, social justice and citizenship – We seek to understand how to design digital platforms to empower marginalised groups and promote new forms of civic and social action; and understanding the ethical and legislative implications of emerging technologies on citizen and non-citizen rights and employment.

Digital across the life course – Exploring the life-long role technology plays in providing opportunities for all ages. From school age children and those in higher education, to adult learning and continuation into older age. This will ensure that all age groups, across all communities are equipped with the knowledge and skills to safely and responsibly navigate a more digital landscape. 


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