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Staff Profiles

Staff engaged in research in the area of Applied Chemistry

Applied Chemistry

Michelle Carlin
Senior Lecturer
Michelle Carlin studied at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh on the BSc (Hons) Colour Chemistry degree with a spell in a dyehouse in the Scottish Borders before embarking on a career in analytical chemistry.... more>> 

HLS Daniele Castagnolo Staffprofile 100Dr Daniele Castagnolo
Lecturer PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr Daniele Castagnolo obtained his PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Siena (Italy) in 2006 working with Professor Maurizio Botta on the synthesis of antimycobacterial agents and on the... more>>

Dr Marcus Durrant

Marcus Durrant is a Reader in the Department of Applied Sciences and teaches on a range of chemistry modules, from first year undergraduate to Masters level... more>>

HLS John Dean Staffprofile 100Professor John R Dean
Professor of Analytical and Environmental Sciences; Head, The University Graduate School  DSc, PhD, DIC, BSc, MSc, FRSC, CChem, CSci, Cert Ed
John obtained his BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (now Manchester University), an MSc in Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation from Loughborough... more>>

Dr Tatyana Georgieva Karabencheva-Christova
Senior Lecturer PhD
Dr. Tatyana Karabencheva-Christova is a Senior Lecturer in Computational Bimolecular Science and Marie Curie Career Development Fellow in the Department of Applied Sciences. She has got a BSc in Biology... more>>

HLS Georgios Koutsidis Staffprofile 100Dr Georgios Koutsidis
Senior Lecturer BSc, MSc, PhD
Dr Georgios Koutsidis is a Senior Lecturer in Food Science in the Department of Applied Sciences, with a main research focus on Food Chemistry, flavour formation and sensory perception.... more>>

Dr Valery Kozhevnikov
Senior Lecturer BSc, MSc, PhD
After his PhD (2000), in synthetic organic chemistry at Urals State University, Ekaterinburg, Dr Valery N. Kozhevnikov chose the area of luminescent materials to further his career and has already successfully... more>>

Dr Frank Lewis
Anniversary Research Fellow PhD in Organic Chemistry
Frank Lewis is University Anniversary Research Fellow in the Department of Chemical and Forensic Sciences. He is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin where he obtained his PhD in Organic Chemistry in... more>>

Dr John Lodge
Dr John Lodge is a Reader in Metabolic Nutrition. John undertook his PhD investigating lipoprotein oxidation at Birkbeck College, University of London where he developed interests in the role of antioxidants in health and disease... more>>

Dr Justin Perry
Enterprise Fellow BA(Hons), PhD
Dr Justin Perry is a University Enterprise Fellow, and is keen to facilitate the interface between universities and industry. Justin is a level tutor for the Chemistry degrees at Northumbria University... more>>

Professor Stephen Stanforth
Professor PhD
Steve Stanforth is Professor of Organic Chemistry in the Department of Applied Sciences. He studied for his undergraduate degree at the University of Sheffield and thereafter continued studying at Sheffield... more>>

Dr David Tétard
Senior Lecturer
Dr David Tétard studied at the University of Bordeaux 1 (France) and completed his PhD there in 1996, under the supervision of Prof. J.-B. Verlhac... more>>


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