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Microbiology Research

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This is a well-established and internationally recognised group, led by Professor Iain Sutcliffe, who undertake work in the following areas:

  • Bacterial cell envelope architecture and biosynthesis
  • Control of parasitic arthropods
  • Microbial diagnostics (in collaboration with Applied Chemistry)
  • Microbial enzymes as biocatalysts (through our Nzomics Innovation Unit, in collaboration with Applied Chemistry)
  • Molecular ecology and microbial community analysis in human health (COPD, cystic fibrosis and necrotising enterocolitis)
  • Molecular ecology and microbial community analysis in the environment (Lake Suigetsu, Japan; Polar environments) and in agricultural management
  • Genomics and proteomics of prokaryotes
  • Novel antimicrobials (in collaboration with Applied Chemistry)
  • Systematics and taxonomy of bacteria
  • Virulence determinants in pathogenic streptococci

We are members of the Cellular & Molecular Sciences research area, a multi-disciplinary group based in the Department of Applied Sciences . The group broadly aims to contribute applied science approaches underpinning aspects of healthcare and extending understanding of diseases processes. We are funded by companies, charities and research council grants.

We welcome interest from potential doctoral and post-doctoral researchers interested in working with us.


Research in the Microbiology Research Group is supported by recently refurbished biochemistry, molecular biology and -omics laboratories with extensive capacity for microbial cell culture. Key equipment includes:

  • llumina MiSeqTM high throughput DNA sequencing platform (see NU-OMICS)
  • Pilot scale fermentation suite
  • Proteomics facilities centred around a Dionex UltiMate 3000 nanoflow liquid chromatography/Bruker HCT Ultra mass spectrometry system
  • Taqman real-time PCR
  • Thermo QExactive quadropole-orbitrap mass spectrometer for metabolite analyses.

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