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British and Irish Worlds

Meet our staffAcademics in this group have strong research expertise in modern British and Irish history with a focus on the transnational elements in both, especially the English, Scottish and Irish diasporas, the British Empire/Commonwealth  and the influence of British culture around the globe.

The AHRC-funded 'Locating the Hidden Diaspora: The English in North America in Transatlantic Perspective, 1760-1950' project, which examines the role of English immigrants in North America between 1760 and 1850, and the ESRC-funded 'A longitudinal comparison of German and British social networking and associational formations in modern-day Asia' project are based in this group, as is the regional Irish History Network.

Other research projects include American music in Britain, the genocide of indigenous peoples in Tasmania, the international activities of the British Co-operative Wholesale Society, the Irish Home Rule movement, the Scottish Diaspora, English republicanism in Continental Europe, the Irish Diaspora in America, the Anglican Church in the British Empire, and the commemoration of WW1 in Britain. The group hosted the Society for the Study of Nineteenth Century Ireland Conference in 2013.

Case Study: Understanding the Scottish Diaspora


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