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Paul Ansdell

Post-graduate Researcherpaul ansdell

Department: Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation

Paul is a PhD candidate at Northumbria University. After graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Sports Science from the University of Brighton, he stayed on to study an MSc in Applied Sports Physiology. During his time at Brighton his academic interests focused primarily on improving athletic performance by understanding and manipulating the mechanisms of neuromuscular fatigue. This led him to study for his PhD at Northumbria, where he is currently investigating the sex differences in neuromuscular fatigability.






  • MSc Applied Sport Physiology
  • BSc (Hons) Sports Science

Overview of Doctoral Research

Sex differences in neuromuscular fatigue. What makes females less fatigable than their male counterparts?

Paul’s PhD focuses on investigating the causes of sex differences in neuromuscular fatigability. While the presence of a difference in fatigability is generally well-established, the factors mediating this difference are equivocal. Anatomical and physiological differences between males and females likely play a key role in mediating the fatigability difference, creating a more ‘fatigue-resistant’ muscle in females. This has a beneficial effect on the neuromuscular system by preserving contractile function of the muscles and reducing central perturbations by attenuating afferent feedback to the central nervous system. Over the course of his project Paul aims to test this hypothesis by utilising transcranial magnetic stimulation and motor nerve stimulation to compare the peripheral and central adjustments of the neuromuscular systems of males and females in response to exercise.




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