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2015 Research Conference Poster Competition - HLS

(Please report any issues regarding the naming or display of these posters to Roger Leadbitter or Graham Rickman on x 4113)


pdf icon Exploring the Daily Functioning of Older Adults with... - Wilson, G
pdf icon Facilitating student engagement in... - Larkin, Smith & Tennant
pdf icon The psychophysiological impact of childhood autism... - Lovell,B
pdf icon Tentative Steps to Changing Teaching for PG Students... - Green,M
pdf icon The role of anthropomorphising in hoarding -Tyson, McInnes & Neave
pdf icon Routine molecular subgrouping of medulloblastoma... - Schwalbe,E
pdf icon Mind over muscle? Central and peripheral... - Thomas,K
pdf icon Learning with physical manipulation - Taylor,L
pdf icon I’d rather starve than not let my child... Graham & Defeyter
pdf icon How does the Northumbria learning experience... - Hamilton,C
pdf icon Glucose and the wandering mind; Not paying attention or... - Riby,L
pdf icon The (non-)use of effect sizes in... - Greer & Honekopp
pdf icon A Dose-Ranging Study Of... - Jackson,P
pdf icon Working with Teenagers in Research and Participatory Design - Little,L
pdf icon Using the Child and Adolescent Intellectual Disability - McKenzie, K
pdf icon Understanding preferences for internet based food safety - Sillence,L
pdf icon Transition for Health Care Assistant to Student Nurse - Adair,F
pdf icon The kinetics of central and peripheral fatigue...- Goodall,S
pdf icon The impact of active and passive smoking upon... - Heffernan,T
pdf icon The effects of pre-exercise supplementation... - Veasey,R
pdf icon Recovery from Schizophrenia... - Ford, K
pdf icon Personality and role model effects on career - Jenkins & Jeske
pdf icon Psychology as a science... - Orme,L etc
pdf icon Inter-Professional Learning in Adult Critical Care - Park,V
pdf icon Improving student statistical skills - Case, McKenzie & Dawson
pdf icon Heartbleed 2014... -Jeske,D etc
Excel icon Using Twitter to understand pandemic-flu communications - McNeill,A
Excel icon The application of mental capacity legislation by social - Southall,C
Excel icon Student nurse perceptions and experiences... - McKnight,J
pdf icon Factors influencing physiotherapists’ decisions... - Bamborough,G etc

PGR Students - Year One

Excel icon What are the experiences of women... - Ridley, A
pdf icon The use of Normalised Data for... - Simmons, R
pdf icon Risky behaviour prevention in adolescents... - Cooper, C
pdf icon Sexual health professionals’ knowledge... -Rulton, Little & Smith
pdf icon Investigating the associations between... - Allen,S etc
pdf icon Impacts of transformational leadership within sport - Bruce,C
pdf icon Identification of Pyrethroid Metabolising P450s... - Atkinson,J
pdf icon Beetroot Juice Enhances Recovery... - Clifford, T

PGR Students - Year Two

pdf icon An extra time period causes significant perturbations in - Harper,L - Yr 2
pdf icon Service Users and Service Providers Views and - Abokdeer,S - Yr 2
pdf icon The development of a laboratory stressor paradigm - Hare,O - Yr 2
Excel icon Situational Analysis Its use in reflexivity - Morey, S
Excel icon The bioavailability of tart Montmorency cherries -Keane, K
Excel icon Anti-Viral Immunity in Coronary Heart Disease - Murali,S
pdf icon A novel culture medium for recovery of rapidly-growing... - Preece,C
pdf icon The involvement of visual and verbal... - Jenkins, L
pdf icon An exploration of inclusive practices in mainstream... - Alzemaia,F
pdf icon The Effects of 120 Minutes of Treadmill Running... - Horsburgh,S
pdf icon Being a practitioner and a student... - Charlton,H
pdf icon Factors influencing AVR adherence... - Okumu, J
pdf icon Addition of Whey Protein... - Allerton, D
pdf icon Acute adaptation to damaging dance... - Brown, M
pdf icon Preoperative pain planning... - Ford,C
pdf icon The effect of breakfast macronutrient content... - Allerton, D etc
Excel icon Informed Consent process for research... - Nwali,N - Yr 2

PGR Students - Year Three

Excel icon A longitudinal study mapping changes in narratives... - Cutter,R
Excel icon Using a constructivist grounded theory... - Okoeki,M
pdf icon DNA Analysis of Ancient Roman Skeletal - Barlow, V
pdf icon Disease processes in Pigeon Fanciers Lung - Hasan,S
pdf icon Metabolomics profiling and molecular analysis... - Abdulkadir,B
pdf icon Anti-microbial immune profiling in obstructive... - Jaat,F
pdf icon Pelvic organ prolapse management... - Anjana Singh
pdf icon Attentional lapse and inhibition control - Greer, J etc
pdf icon Assessing Organisational Culture in a... - Mitchell, J

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