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The Newcastle Centre for Positive Living


"Positive psychology is a scientific study of optimal human functioning [that] aims to discover and promote the factors that allow individuals and communities to thrive"
Professor Martin Seligman 

One of the catalysts for setting up the Newcastle Centre for Positive Living (NCPL) was to apply scientific findings relating to what makes life worth living to individuals and communities in the North-East of England. The field of positive psychology provides the foundation for much of what we do since one of the tenets of positive psychology is to make rigorous, academic research accessible to all (building bridges between the Ivory Tower and Main Street) as well as unite lines of theory and research from across the sciences.

As part of our ongoing activities, NCPL will be running an Eight Week Programme in Positive Living, starting on 19th October 2012 every Friday 11am-1pm, for members of the general public.

Based in the Department of Psychology at Northumbria University, we have breadth and depth of expertise in areas connected to well-being and personal development and are responsible for the Employee Engagement Workplace Well-Being Consultancy, Vital Work.

Our team includes Chartered Psychologists, Chartered Occupational Psychologists, Chartered Sport Psychologists and other sport scientists, and Nutritionists.  Some of our staff have supplemented teaching and research experience with qualifications in personal coaching, others are Occupational Psychologists with extensive experience of consulting in organisational settings, and some have been  trained in positive psychology interventions such as  mindfulness meditation and strengths coaching (we have four Realise2 Strengths Practitioners in our team). Many of our sport scientists have been consulting in areas such as health and fitness assessment, exercise motivation and adherence, goal setting and biomechanics.

The Newcastle Centre for Positive Living would like to work with people in the North-East in a whole range of contexts. We have development a range of services including:

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