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Postgraduate Research

PhD Students

Mark Armstrong Metaphor and Meaning in Quentin Crisp's Fashioned Androgyne (Prof Cheryl Buckley)       

James Byrne A History of Korean War Film (Dr Alison Peirse)   

Carla Cesare Sewing at Home: Needlework, Femininity and Domesticity in Britain in the 1920's (Prof Cheryl Buckley)  

Jane Colbourne A Critical Survey of the Materials and Techniques of Charles Sims (Dr Ysanne Holt)

Hassan Ebeid A Study of the Technology and Conservation of Ancient Dyed paper manuscripts and Biocidal Properties of Some Used Egyptian Traditional Dyes (Angela Geary)  

Brian Fay States of Transience: Drawing and Museology (Sian Bowen)  

Sophie Freeman British Horror and Cultural Discourses 1965-1976 (Prof Peter Hutchings)  

Joanne Gooding Design History in Britain from the 1970s (Prof Cheryl Buckley)  

Penelope Grennan Re-Evaluating the Souvenir in the Light of Fine Art Practice and Theories of Material Culture (Helen Baker Alder)  

Emma Hardy An Investigation Into the Teaching and Learning of Thinking Skills in Contemporary Art Practice with Special Emphasis on Collaborative Practice (Helen Baker Alder)                                                                                                                                  

Mark Hill The Contemporary Fine Art Interface: Drawing Through Technology (Christopher Dorsett)

Philip Hodgson An Evaluation of Post-Nationalist Film Theory Using the Work of Contemporary Exilic Film Makers (Prof Peter Hutchings)                                       

Daniel Koczy Deleuze and the Theatre of Samuel Beckett (Dr Laura Cull)

Agnieszka Kozlowska Pressed, Stained, Slashed, Folded: Paper - A Medium for 21st Century Fine Art Practice? (Sian Bowen)  

Owen Logan Fractured Communities: The Sociological Poetics of Arts Participation (Dr Ysanne Holt)

Julie Lord Contemporary British Social Realist Cinema: Space, Gender, Authorship and Genre (Dr James Leggott)

Gillian McMillan An Investigation of the Materials and Techniques of Vasily Kandinsky Dr Brian Singer)

Andrew McNiven 'Monkey Business': An Artist's Action Research into the Parameters of Temporary Gallery Installation through Reflexive Formal and Informal Documentary Practice (Fiona Crisp)

Mohamed Soltan An Investigation into the Behaviour and Characteristics of Airbrush Easel Paintings (Angela Geary)

Judy Thomas Researching Collaborative Practice in the Context of an Artist-Led Gallery Programme (Dr Heather Robson)


MRes Students

Janine Barker Alnwick Castle: Cultural Tourism Heritage and History (Dr Ysanne Holt)

Gillian Barry Morse to Lewis: Masculinity and Quality Television (Peter Hutchings)

Sally Keys Theatre for Development (Dr Laura Cull)

Anna McNab Non-Places in British Cinema and Photography (Dr Noel McLaughlin)

Emily Maddock National Identity in Post-Communist Eastern Europe (Prof Peter Hutchings)

Tom Watson Extreme Horror Cinema (Prof Peter Hutchings)


PhD Students – Fine Art
Nicola Singh. (Prof.Chris Dorsett)

Fiona Larkin.  (Keith McIntyre)

Kate McGown. (Prof David Campbell)

Chris Evans. (Dr.Joanne Tatham )

Clare Stephenson. (Tom O’Sullivan )
Rachel Sharp. Painting in the Digital Age. (Sue Spark)

Andrea Jespersen. Mind Circles; on conceptual deliberation and the trace of the artist’s hand. (Prof David Campbell)

Penny Grennan. Your trash, my treasure, a re evaluation of the aesthetics of souvenirs. (Prof David Campbell)

Kate Liston. What is the Relationship between the Deleuzian Idea of Mapping Space and Subject Formation through Narrative?

Lucy Livingstone. Investigating the Threshold as a Location for Visual Research and the (re)Framing of Contemporary Critical.(Prof David Campbell)

Agnieszka Kozlowska. Pressed, Stained, Slashed, Folded: Paper - A Medium for 21st Century Fine Art Practice? (Sian Bowen)
Jennifer Duffy. Are You Engaged? (Re) Addressing Notions of Participation in Contemporary Performance Practice. (Dr. Kate Craddock)

Aideen Doran. Into Information: An Investigation Into Technology, Aesthetics, Agency and the Practice of Art, Now. (Prof. Craig Richardson)

Jacqueline Donachie. I am not sick. I am affected. Representations of Families Affected by Disability. 

Paul Goodfellow. ‘Mapping the Limits of System Based Painting’ (Sue Spark) 

Clare Money. The Tensions and Contradictions between Deep Mapping and the Artist's Sense of Place. (Prof Chris Dorsett) 
Heather Boxall. During the 1950's 'surface' become firmly attached to the ideals of modernist non-figurative painting.  What do we mean by 'surface', and how central is it to the abstract painting now?  (Sue Spark)
Alistair Peebles

Daksha Patel.  Imaging and Imagining the Brain. (Sian Bowen)