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Dr Angela Geary

Reader in Conservation of Fine Art

PhD (RCA), Royal College of Art
MA Conservation of Fine Art, Northumbria University
BA (Hons.) Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art  

Research Interests
Angela's current research interests include computer aided manufacture techniques in printmaking, digital physicality in fine art practice and the cognitive and perceptual aspects of human interaction with artworks. Angela is currently co-authoring a book on CNC technologies in printmaking with Paul Catanese (Columbia College Chicago), to be published by A&C Black. Her recent projects have included investigations of the structural simulation of museum artefacts and ultra high-resolution 2D and 3D digitisation methods for fine art and cultural heritage applications.  

She recently collaborated in and project managed on the Digital Art Capture (DAC) project, which was awarded fast track funding by the Technology Strategy Board in 2008. The DAC collaborators – Northumbria University, UCL, Tate, Glasgow School of Art, Henry Moore Foundation and Flowers East Gallery developed a new ultra-high definition scanning technology for artworks. The project now progresses as DACloud, supported by R&D TSB funding, in which Angela is the arts lead. The consortium, joined by technology companies including Hitachi, Brite Yellow and Cybula, is developing cloud internet applications for high-resolution arts and heritage data.

During her Directorship of the SCIRIA Research Unit (University of the Arts London), Angela was principal investigator in the AHRC funded FELSSO project, which undertook the first structural simulations of stone sculpture using the engineering technique of Finite Element Analysis. The project established that Henry Moore’s Arch, once sited in Kensington Gardens but dismantled 15 years ago due to structural problems, can now be safely reconstructed. In 2005, Angela led the VEMDis Ltd team to win a finalist’s prize in the National Research Councils UK Business Plan Awards for a scheme to commercialise a novel augmented reality display device for museums.  

Angela Geary is Module Tutor for the MA Conservation of Fine Art Programme Research  Dissertation Module.

Postgraduate supervision

Completed: The development and application of ergonomic gesture syntax computer interaction(University of the Arts)  

Supervising: the historic preservation use of saffron and regional dyes in Egyptian books and paper artefacts (Northumbria University); An Investigation into the History, Materials and Techniques of the Photorealist Artists from the 1960s to the Present Day (Northumbria University).


Affiliations and memberships

Member – Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Peer Review Colleges

Member – International Academic Advisory Board, Courtauld Institute, London.

Fellow of The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)

Professional Member – IEEE

Member – College Arts Association

Member – Institute of Conservation (ICON) Editorial Advisory Board (2003-2006)

Geary A. and Catanese P. CNC Printmaking: Digital Manufacturing Processes in Printmaking, A&C Black (forthcoming, 2011)

Geary A. (2009) in: Celeste.prize09, eds. Music, S. Gisbourne, M. and Sinatti, Zoppelli and Lizzi edizioni, Italy.

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Geary A. (2009) “Digital Physicality - Exploring Hybrid Practices in Intaglio Printmaking”, 97th International CAA Conference, Los Angeles, February, 2009.

Hallett K., Geary A., Roberts, Z. and Julian-Lees S. (2008) “The De Maiano Roundels: An Analytical 3D Documentation and Visualisation Study” in:  Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks, Eds. Marta CastillejoPablo MorenoJavier RuizRoxana RadvanMohamed Oujja , 2008 CRC Press / Taylor & Francis.”

Geary A. (2007) “Enhanced Study and Training for Museums through Virtual Touch”, chapter in Ed. Pye, E., The power of Touch: Handling in Museums and Heritage Contexts, Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, CA.

Geary A., Harrison J.P., Pullen D. and Mao, M. (2007) “Creative Limits: Applying Finite Element Analysis to Assess Static Stress in a Large-Scale Stone Sculpture by Henry Moore”, ICHIM 2007: Digital Culture and Heritage, Archives & Museum Informatics, Toronto, Canada.

Hallett K., Geary A., Roberts, Z. and Julian-Lees S. (2007) “The De Maiano Roundels: An Analytical 3D Documentation and Visualisation Study”, Lacona VII, CSIC, Madrid.

Barker L., Geary A. and Harrison J. P. (2007) “Towards an Ergonomic Gestural Interface for Computers”, Proceedings of The Ergonomics Society Conference, Nottingham University.

Geary A., Coldwell, P. and Rashan A. (2006) “VHIP - A Prototype Haptic Environment for Fine Art Printmakers”, Eurohaptics Proceedings, Paris.  

Geary A., Harrison, J.P. and Pullen D. (2006) “FELSSO - Finite Elements with Laser Scanning for mechanical analysis of Sculptural Objects”, Looking Forward to the Past: Science and Heritage, Tate, London.

Geary A. (2006) “3D Virtual Restoration of Polychrome Sculpture: Techniques and Applications”, in Ed. MacDonald, L., Digital Heritage - Applying Digital Imaging to Cultural Heritage, Elsevier, Oxford.

Geary A. (2006) “Three-Dimensional Virtual Restoration applied to Polychrome Sculpture”, The Conservator, ICON, Vol.27.

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Geary A. and Sandy M. (2004) “A Haptic Training Simulation for Paper Conservation: Preliminary Results“, Eurohaptics Proceedings, Springer-Verlag, Munich.

Geary A. (2003) “A Haptic Virtual Reality Training Tool for Paper Conservators” Sketches and Applications, SIGGRAPH proceedings, San Diego. 

Recent Exhibitions & Residencies

Artist in residence, Columbia College Chicago, Interdisciplinary Arts / Anchor Graphics, Chicago, Illinois, July 2010

Celeste International Prize for Contemporary Arts, Finalists Exhibition, Alte AEG Fabrik, Berlin, September 2009.

Bestow, Recent works by Angela Geary, Helen Baker-Alder, Chris Dorsett, Ginny Reed, Fiona Crisp, David Dye, Sian Bowen, Keith McIntyre and Mike Golding, Gallery North, Northumbria University, November 2008

Marking the Terrain, Drawings by Angela Geary, Lesley Punton, Mick McGraw, Fiona Robertson and Hanneline Visnes, Mackintosh Gallery, The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, October 2008

Structural Evaluation of Henry Moore’s Arch, The Henry Moore Foundation, Perry Green, May 2007

EcoArts, group exhibition, International Visions Arts Gallery, Washington DC, June 2006

Invited Lectures

Geary, A. and Catanese, P.(2010) Numeric control manufacture in intaglio printmaking, Columbia College Chicago

Geary, A. (2009) “Do we know what we are missing? Exploring the real value and potential of virtual touch in museum display”, What’s the Damage? – Conservation’s Catch 22, Science and Heritage Conference, Institute of Archaeology, University College London, September 23, 2009.

Geary, A. (2009) “Simulated touch and art conservation training: explorations in the application of haptic interaction", Topics in Preservation Series, The Library of Congress, Washington D.C., February.

Geary, A. (2008) “Cultures of Collaboration: Reviewing Five Years of Applied Research in the Arts”, School of Arts and Social Sciences Seminar Series - Arts and Humanities Research in Progress, University of Northumbria, Newcastle.

Geary A. (2007) “Is Real-Time Photorealistic 3d Viewing on the Horizon?”, 3DVisA Bulletin, Kings College London, Issue 2, March.

Geary A. (2006) “Virtual Tiberius”, cover illustration for the Science and Technology Ninth Report – Science and Heritage, Lords Science & Technology Select Committee, chaired by Baroness Sharp of Guildford.

Geary A. (2006) “3D Capture for Cultural Heritage Visualisation: Recent Projects”, 3D Documentation for Conservation, ICON Science Group, National Conservation Centre, Liverpool.

Geary A. (2006) “Spinning Out and Beyond”, RCUK Business Plan Competition Seminar, Cavendish Hotel, London.  

Geary A. (2005) “Small Grants for Big Ideas: Getting research projects off the ground with funded pilot studies”, Engaging with Practice Seminar Series, University of Huddersfield.  

Geary A. and Tatham E. (2004) VEMDis - A Virtually Enhanced Museum Display, RCUK Business Plan Competition Awards, The Royal Society, London.

Geary A. (2004) “Explorations in Virtual Conservation”, Creative Digital Interaction Symposium, Edinburgh College of Art.  

Geary A. (2003) “Virtual Restoration and the Future of Museum Display”, Conference paper, State of the Real, Glasgow School of Art.

Geary A. (2003) Digital Imaging and Visualisation for Conservators, a course for SRAL, Maastricht.  

Cummings A. and Geary A. (2000) Digital Imaging & Multimedia Skills for Conservation Professionals, a course for the British Council, São Paulo, Brazil.  



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