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Creative Writing

Creative Writing is a thriving and dynamic subject area at Northumbria University. All of our lecturers are recognised published writers are who actively engaged in the academic as well as in the literary community.

We offer both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Creative Writing as well as supervision for those wishing to study for a PhD. Teaching is mainly workshop based, and modules cover a wide range of genres from novels, short stories and poetry to drama and screen writing, and in various media from print, film and television to the stage and radio.  

Creative Writing has a strong partnership with New Writing North, an organisation devoted to supporting new writers in the north east.

We have an active and energetic writing community at Northumbria University.  Our lecturers publish both nationally and internationally, and their work is often produced by the BBC, independent theatres and film and television companies. We have a strong culture of practice-led research and a growing PhD programme whose members are achieving significant publication success.  

Creative Writing at Northumbria University is dedicated to creating an inspiring and enriching environment for our student writers and for writers in the north east in the wider community.

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