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Postgraduate Research in Creative Writing

Postgraduate research plays a vital role in the research culture of Creative Writing at Northumbria. We have a strong and growing community of PhD students; please click on the PhD students links below for more information on our students and further details on their research. We also offer an MRes Creative Writing, suitable for writers keen to pursue creative writing research but not yet prepared to embark on a PhD.

Current and previous postgraduates on Northumbria's Creative Writing programme have an impressive record of publication and other successes.

If you are interested in commencing postgraduate study, please contact Professor Michael Green, who will advise you which colleague is closest to your own interests.

Rowan Bowman (PhD)  

'On Barley Hill: Spectral Landscapes and The Supernatural Gothic Horror Novel'

Neil Campbell (PhD)  

'Editing and the short story, incorporating practice as research' 

Daniel Hardisty (PhD)

'Elements of Surrealist writings in contemporary British and Irish poetry'

Tracey Iceton (PhD)

Herself Alone in Orange Rain

Guy Mankowski (PhD)

'Self-design in post-punk subculture'

Ann Matthews (PhD)

'Behind and in between places: Today's urban landscape and the sense of place'

Lisa Matthews (PhD)

'Pinning the moth: Confessional poetics and surreal imagery in writing practice'

Sarah Shaw (PhD) 

'Seventeen: A Novel' 

Sarah Stovell (PhD)

Creative Writing

Rhys Trimble (PhD)

Tywysogion: Re working of the mythic cycle 'Y Mabinogi' featuring rural 'mythogeoraphy' and walking as an aesthetic practice.

Tim Turnbull (PhD)

'The Adventures of Kunstlicht in the Netherworld - A Novel'

Jo Lindsay Walton (PhD)

'Integration: a Speculative Fiction Novel'