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Studying with us

Both intellectually challenging and enjoyable, English is an ideal subject to study at university if you enjoy reading and writing, want to develop skills in critical and imaginative thinking, and have an interest in culture and creativity.  In English Literature, Linguistics & Creative Writing at Northumbria University you will receive an excellent education in a friendly environment.  Through a variety of lectures, smaller group seminars and guided individual study, our staff will help you develop your skills and work towards a successful degree.   

Many careers today require people who can write and speak well.  English graduates are especially valued because of their communication skills and their ability to think creatively, intelligently and critically.  Through the English programmes at Northumbria University you will gain a wide knowledge of different literary and linguistic cultures, periods and genres and at the same time develop many skills which will serve you positively throughout your life.  Our English graduates have successfully entered careers in teaching, publishing, journalism, cultural administration, advertising, public relations, the civil service, the caring professions and many other fields.

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