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Studying with Us

The History programmes are designed to offer a breadth of historical knowledge and a thorough training both in modes of historical thought and in the skills of the practising historian. Our expertise encompasses World, European, British, and Regional history, covering a broad chronological span from the medieval period to the present day.

We are highly rated by our own students, having achieved a satisfaction rate for our main History programme of 94%. Satisfaction levels were highest in responses relating to detailed comments on student work at 96%, the ease with which students could contact staff at 97%, and the organisation and smooth running of the course at 96%. We believe this highlights our commitment to both teaching and research. We are equally committed to student well-being, offering a range of induction programmes, as well as individual and group tutorials, to help new students finding their way around the university.

Significant investments have been made in resources for our students. Overall, £600,000 have been invested in special library resources for Humanities, with an exceptional £500,000 having been invested in History alone over and above any general requests that went to the library. The money has primarily gone into online databases and journal access, which will be a great asset for both teaching and student research. 

Our undergraduate programmes include both the full-time single honours in History, and two joint honours degrees in History & Politics and English & History.  At postgraduate level, we offer a Master in History (MA on site and Distance Learning) as well as a Master of Research (MRes). This intensive, one-year (FT) or two-year (PT) research-focused master’s degree is an ideal way to develop advanced skills in historical research as preparation for a range of exciting careers or to pursue further study at doctoral level. Further to that, History has a growing number of students enrolled for a PhD or MPhil degree; we welcome expressions of interest in a wide range of fields.