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Dr Jamie Harding


Senior Lecturer in Research Methods

Contact details:
Dept of Social Sciences
Northumbria University
Lipman Building
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel: +44 (0)191 227  


Jamie has a BA (Hons) in Social Policy from the University of Newcastle, an MA in Housing Studies from the University of York and a PhD in Sociology and Social Policy from the University of Newcastle. He has worked as a Community Service Volunteer, Housing Officer and Housing Initiative Co-ordinator with the North East Refugee Service. Jamie was part of the housing team in the School of the Built Environment at Northumbria before moving to the Department of Social Sciences.  


Research and Consultancy

Research Interests

Jamie's research interests are primarily in housing and homelessness, higher education, criminal justice and racial inequality. Jamie has been involved in a number of pieces of research into housing issues, with a focus on young people, homelessness and the housing difficulties faced by former prisoners.  More recently, he has conducted research into factors affecting the success of students in higher education and is currently involved in a funded research project in this area.  Jamie has recently added a comparative element to this research with a visit to the American College in Madurai, India. 

Jamie is particularly interested in supervising students wishing to undertake research in housing and homelessness, higher education, criminal justice and racial inequality, and is able to provide support in both quantitative and qualitative methods.


Research Projects

Origins of Poverty

The Cyrenians have provided funding of £18,960 for research to examine the origins of poverty and multiple exclusion among homeless people in the North East.  Adele Irving and Mary Laing worked with Jamie on this project, with the report being formally launched on 15th September 2011.

Eurocities Peer Review of Newcastle City Council’s Services to Homeless People

Jamie received funding of £2,000 to act as ‘external expert’ during this review in the autumn of 2010.  Housing professionals from a number of European countries evaluated the services provided in Newcastle.

Evaluating the ‘Whole Housing Market Approach’ to Homelessness Prevention in Newcastle

This was an evaluation of the homelessness preventions services provided in Newcastle, where Heriot- Watt University were the lead institution and Jamie Harding and Adele Irving were sub-contracted for £3,253 to collect and analyse data from voluntary sector organisations.

Local Strategies for the Active Inclusion of Young People

This is a European project where Jamie has received funding of 13,433 Euros for his contribution.  Teams of practitioners and academics from a number of European cities will take part in peer evaluations of services to homeless people, making recommendations for improved practice and evaluating the impact of these changes.


Journal Articles

Harding, J. (2012) 'Choice and information in the public sector: a higher education case study'. Social Policy and Society, 11 (2), pp. 171-182. 

Harding, J. (2011) 'Financial circumstances, financial difficulties and academic achievement among first year undergraduates'. Journal of Further and Higher Education, 35 (4), pp. 483-499.

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Harding, J. (1996) 'The housing needs of refugees in the North East'. Northern Economic Review, 25, pp. 46-68. 


Harding, J. (2004) Making it work: the keys to success for young people living independently. Bristol: Policy Press.

Book Chapters

Harding J. (2006) 'Census'; 'Grounded theory'; 'Stratified sampling' and 'Variable analysis' , in Jupp, V. (ed.) The Sage dictionary of social research methods. London: Sage.

Research Reports

Harding, J., Irving, A. and Whowell, M. (2011) Homelessness, pathways to exclusion and opportunities for intervention. Northumbria University Arts and Social Sciences Press.

Fitzpatrick, S. Harding, J., Irving, A., Pawson, H., and Sosenko, F. (2011) Evaluating homelessness prevention in Newcastle. Institute for Housing, Urban and Real Estate, Heriot-Watt University and Department of Social Sciences, Northumbria University.

Harding, J. and Thompson, J. (2011) Dispositions to stay project: final report, report to the Higher Education Academy.

Harding, J. (2010) Eurocities peer review of Newcastle City Council's services to homeless people. Report to the Eurocities group of the European Commission.

Grainger, P., Harding, J. and Kirk, R. (2003) Changing organisations changing roles? Housing and Community Research Group Discussion Paper Number Two.

Harding, J. (1997) Preparing For experience: the effectiveness of housing and leaving home education. Working paper 64, Department of Town and Country Planning, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Harding, J. and Kirk, R. (1996) No light at the end of the tunnel: a study of youth homelessness in areas of industrial decline, Crisis.


Jamie currently teaches on the following modules:

Jamie has received three awards from the University’s Applauding and Promoting Teaching Scheme, including one for 2009-2010 with Carol Stephenson; their project was entitled 'Student Partnership in Interactive Teaching Innovations'.

Jamie taught at the American College in Madurai during a visit to India in 2009.   

PhD Students Supervised

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