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SASS Academic Press

Created in 2009, the Press is the publishing arm of Arts and Social Sciences. 

It specialises in books and catalogues relating to the research and teaching activity of Arts & Social Sciences in the Humanities, the Social Sciences, Languages, Media and Visual and Performing Arts.

Its aim is to produce high quality scholarly publications at affordable prices, for students, specialists and interested members of the general public.



Recent Publications include:

Kate Smith, Gallery North


This exhibition showed Levitation, commissioned by Matt's Gallery in 1993, alongside the ongoing series  Work in Progress and the installation piece Mr and Mrs Andrews (2012). Introduction by Helen Baker, Director of Gallery North, and essay by David Burrows 'Networks in progress: (Global) Objecthood in the Work of Kate Smith.'





£4.99 inc p&p in the UK. £5.99 overseas
ISBN: 978-0-9565433-1-8    
Paperback, 210x210 mm. 28 pp., 18 colour ill.

Northern Stage Design


This study by Jamie Harding, Adele Irving and Mary Laing was carried out for the Cyrenians, a charity who support homeless and vulnerable people. Interviews with 82 homeless people showed that there were two pathways into homelessness and exclusion.  The 'lifelong' pathway typically involved factors such as an unhappy childhood (often involving growing up in care), little employment experience, time spent in prison and long term addiction difficulties. 

The 'life events' pathway would often be followed by people who had a stable background with educational qualifications and experience of long term employment, but who had became excluded following an adverse life event such as relationship breakdown or bereavement, which could lead to the loss of accommodation and employment.  The report concludes that homelessness could be reduced if there were improved services for young people in care, for those with addiction difficulties, for people facing eviction from their housing and for those leaving prison.

£5.99 inc p&p in the UK. £6.99 overseas
ISBN: 978-0-9565433-2-5   
Paperback, 210x150 mm. 92 pp

About Painting

about painting

Transition has launched an ongoing series of shows, which examine painting in all its multifarious glory. Each show will look at a particular aspect of painting and will be curated by a painter but beyond that there are no rules.

Two of these shows were exhibited at Gallery North. The first of these shows, Fade Away, curated by Transition director Alli Sharma, looks at the expanse of painting that hovers between abstraction and representation.

The second show, Working Against the System, curated by Helen Baker, focuses, as explained in the title, on system based painting. Both of these shows are documented and expanded upon in this publication, About Painting.


ISBN: 978-0-9568814-0-3
Price £6 inc p&p and £12.99 overseas
Paperback, 210x145 mm., 157 pp


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