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Active Materials for Living

Making Sense: New Qualities of Living – Active Materials for Living

Research Theme Lead: Professor Raymond Oliver (London)

Our clothes will soon be as smart as our phones

Our Active Materials for Living theme focuses on the STEM disciplines or science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Modifying research methodologies from these disciplines, it looks at how we can accelerate innovation approaches to the convergence of electronics, polymers and biology as key drivers for design led, needs driven but technology anchored activities.

Focusing on active materials emerging from the natural sciences and engineering that are printable, paintable, programmable, active, and bio materials capable of generating new functionalities, this theme works across four pillars SENSE, BIOYSYS, AMBIENT & KNIT.

The aim of this research is to create innovative products, devices and services, made implementable through new processing and printing techniques that offer significant improvements to people’s quality of life.