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ISDN3 took place on the evening of the 2 April 2008, followed by a one-day workshop on the 3rd, and considered contemporary issues being explored by design researchers.


Over the last two years, the ISDN series of events has formed an exciting platform to explore the emerging field of Service Design.;The very first ISDN, in March 2006, looked at Service Designers - who were these people and what were they doing?;ISDN2 followed in November 2006, and explored the relationship(s) that Service Design, as a design sub-discipline, might have with business.

ISDN3 investigated broader issues that contemporary designers face, with special focus on how designers are addressing the complex situations that arise when designing with what John Thackara of Dott 07 calls 'real people' - as opposed to 'users' - in the design process.

We invited some cutting-edge speakers to share reflections on their recent design research work, and we structured the event to maximise productive debate about the key issues arising when designing in this way.

The Speakers included;
Anna Meroni (click to listen) , Assistant Professor in Service and Strategic Design, Politecnico di Milano.
Benedict Singleton (click to listen), Northumbria University, UK;
Tobie Kerridge (click to listen), Goldsmiths University of London, UK;
Dr. Daniela Sangiorgi (click to listen), Lecturer at Imagination Lancaster, Lancaster University, UK;
Lauren Tan (click to listen), Northumbria University/Design Council London, UK;
Deborah Szebeko (click to listen), Founder and Director, thinkpublic, UK;
Dr. Carla Cipolla (click to listen), Politecnico di Milano, Italy;
Bas Rajimaker (click to listen)

Please refer to the PDF presentations as you listen to the podcast.


Date posted: March 2, 2008