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Speakers, Themes and Abstracts

Social Labelling in the Global Fashion Industry

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Keynote: Robert Ross Consumers and Producers: Agency, power and social enfranchisement

Theme 1: Consumer attitudes and behaviour

Introduction:  Marsha Dickson
Kay Liu:
Fair Trade and Organic Cotton: Labelling and Consumer Perception

Elaine Ritch et. Al: What’s in Fashion? Ethics?

Clare Lissaman It’s fashion darling: designer perceptions of social labels – their usefulness and attractiveness.

Hannah McDowall Do mainstream fashion markets offer a means by which to scale up truly fair trade employment, and if so, how?

Theme 2: Industry practice and perception

Chair : Mo Tomaney

Angelina Jones: The Motivations of Fair Trade Apparel  Business Owners: A Case Study of Minneapolis, St. Paul

Stall Meadows: A Decade of Progress: A Quantitative Study of Wholesalers’ Perspectives on Social Labelling and the Evolution of Apparel Industry Codes of Conduct

Llyr Roberts: Social Labelling on the Web: how fashion retailers communicate information about labour practices to online consumers

Marsha A. Dickson and Thea Pandelidis: Motivations and Concerns for Public Reporting about Corporate Social Responsibility and Compliance with Labor Standards: A Case Study of the Apparel Industry

Theme 3: Regulating the social label

Chair: Arianna Rossi

Trina Tocco:  No Access to Justice: The Failure of Ethical Labelling Systems for Worker Rights  

Bjorn Claeson presented by Robert Ross : A Social Label for Public Procurement of Apparel?

Sophie Koers : Can a process be labelled? The Fair Wear Experience

Hannes Grassegger : The Costs of Fair Trade Textile Certification
                                   – A Global Value Chain Perspective

Jennifer Bair and Florence Palpacuer: A comparative perspective on the movement for ethical apparel production

Plenary & Keynote: Scott Nova - Until Apparel Brands Reform their Sourcing Practices, Industry Labor Codes will be of Little Value to the World's Apparel Workers

Theme 4: National Labelling Initiatives

Chair: Jennifer Bair
Arianna Rossi:
Fibre Citoyenne: Branding the Moroccan Industry

Patricia Brien: From No Sweat Shop Label to Ethical Clothing Australia VIDEO /AUDIO LINKUP

Rituparna Majumdar: The Development of social labelling systems and monitoring in the Garment Supply Chain of India.

Theme 4:  National Labelling Initiatives (cont)

Chair: Doug Miller

Raymond Robertson/Brown/Deheija: The impact of Better Factories  on compliance in the Cambodian Garment Industry 2001-2008

Annelies Goger : Going Beyond: Reworking Ethical Spaces in the Sri Lankan Garment Industry

Theme 5: To label or not to label?

Chair: John Stirling

Panel  – Ian Bretman: Fairtrade Foundation/FLO/Transfair
              Steve Grinter:

              Deborah Isaacs: People Tree/IFAT



Date posted: August 1, 2010