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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

As a business leader, when it comes to trying something new and brave you want to believe you're at the front of the queue. But in practice that next innovative step, the next difficult question for the organisation, can be left unexplored and unexploited as the pressures of everyday business monopolise your attention and suddenly the chance to lead the competition has passed.

What if you had an extra pair of hands to explore that next big step for you? And what if that person could be an astute young design graduate, powered up by the continued input of experienced specialists from the School of Design? If you want to pursue that strategic project that's in danger of being left on the back burner, then the School of Design can help. We will introduce a dedicated new graduate to your organisation - smart, energised, focused and full-time. What you're buying into is one of the most effective collaborative structures around: Knowledge Transfer Partnerships or KTP for short.

Where consultancy allows you to buy in 'design projects', KTP provides funding to grow a 'design team' inside your organisation, with all the opportunities that creates. Your KTP can be used to introduce new processes, mobilise existing ideas and build a more innovative culture from the inside out. It's a 'grow your own' scheme, a proven approach that delivers return-on-investment in spades.

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If you want to find out more about starting your own KTP, contact Matthew Lievesley on 0191 227 4128

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